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Tips for managing housekeeping on Airbnb

Whatever your choice of managing Airbnb cleaning costs and their implementation, there are some tips you should follow to streamline the process and bring down the final cost of cleaning.

A professional housecleaner at work cleaning a home.

Leave the cleaning products available

If you want to avoid finding or having a catastrophic situation found at the time of the final Airbnb cleaning, leave all the cleaning materials available to your guests. It is often in your guests’ best interest to keep their room or apartment in good repair, especially for the long term .

 This includes broom, mop, bathroom and window cleaning products, along with a few mops. In short, the basic things that should be in a house.

Check your cleaning supplies

Whether you decide to take care of the Airbnb cleaning yourself or use an agency, take care of the cleaning supplies. Imagine paying someone to clean your bed-and-breakfast , discovering, after their arrival, that you have run out of some product .

You would risk having to rush to buy the product in person, wasting a lot of time. The best thing would be to check, once the cleaning is finished , what is missing or what is about to finish, so that you can buy it.

After all, it’s the same as you would do with home stock, isn’t it?

Enter a realistic cleaning cost on Airbnb

The cost of cleaning is very important on Airbnb for a few reasons. First, a very high cost will discourage people from booking a property. During my long experience as a traveler, I have seen hosts charge 50% of the booking fee in housekeeping!

Remember that the cost of Airbnb cleaning costs must be realistic and should not be used to round off the income made with Airbnb, but must be entirely dedicated to cleaning a room or structure after an overnight stay.

Unfortunately, in 2022 many people use this cost of Airbnb incorrectly, ending up penalizing everyone and making the practice increasingly common.

Write down the details of the cleaning service

Writing the cleaning details on Airbnb will help you justify the costs in the eyes of your guests by showing great transparency. This will also help you answer the most common questions that may arise.

In this period, like never, people are attentive to details such as the correct sanitation of a room after its use.

Remember that many people worry about this and by showing a deep interest in it, you could get more bookings. This will reassure your guests and may earn you some nice reviews on sites like Airbnb.

Don’t take cleanliness for granted

Finally, the last piece of advice I want to give you on managing Airbnb cleaning is to never take it for granted. When your guests walk into a property you own, cleanliness is the first thing they’ll notice.

Imagine your guests finding a ball of dust on the floor right outside the front door. It would make sense for them to ask themselves a few questions about the general cleanliness of your facility, wouldn’t it?

I’ve read of some manic guests who also check under mattresses to make sure a room is in perfect condition, as they, after all, pay to have it clean and spotless.

Furthermore, both on Airbnb and on any other platform, cleanliness is one of the pillars on which end user reviews are based . Would you sleep in a property with a cleanliness rating of 5 out of 10? Neither do we.

An important aspect of properties on Airbnb

These Airbnb final cleaning costs are part of the final cost of the reservation in full. Remember that, as such, there will be Airbnb cleaning fees and taxes that must be paid by you to the company.

Why will you have to pay taxes on the cleaning fee offered? Simple: in the past many people took advantage of it, renting rooms for less and returning costs with the increase in the price of cleaning, not taxed .

You will therefore have to pay close attention to the cost you will propose, as it will have to satisfy the two parties, that is you and your guests.

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