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Think Exam computer-based test is a helping hand for schools/institutes to manage exams with complete transparency

Benefits of Think Exam Computer-Based Test 

All academic institutes have optimized their process for managing exams to analyze learning outcomes. Assessments are deployed for evaluation purposes. A well-curated assessment focuses on selected areas with complete accuracy and motivates students to perform better. Teachers use to rely on the conventional process of examinations before the advent of the digital era. However, the advent of the internet is sweeping away all the aspects of the education process. Computer Based Test is a technological advancement which is eliminating the inconvenience which occurs in the conventional process of the exam. Conducting exams on a digital platform is beneficial for both educators as well as students. The requirement for conducting computer-based tests has increased. CBT mode exam offers a scaffold by eliminating the administrative burden as well as the time and effort required for laborious processing.

In Computer Based Test, technology is applied which means a candidate has to give the exam on a computer screen. On the contrary, Computer Based Test is connected to the internet or intranet for delivering exams. Although, the CBT exam is taken place on the client-server It can act as standalone testing. It is used for various purposes such as academic purposes, certification tests, and pre-employment screening.

For corporate, CBT Exam is creating a pathway for upgrading the employee’s career.

Computer Based Test has various advantages over the conventional method of exam. For example, it is convenient, computer adaptive testing, wide reach, and integrity. 

Benefits of Think Exam Computer-Based Test 

Think Exam is one of the leading online assessment platform and examination solution for conducting online/offline exams and assessments. Here are a few benefits of the Think Exam Computer Based Test Platform:

  • Computer Based Test can be taken from anywhere in the world. Students can give tests according to their convenience. Also, students from remote areas can give the test. 
  • It decreases the time taken to complete the test and it is more convenient compared to the traditional exams. The candidate is given a certain time to complete the test. He/she is prohibited to go back and change the answer. This decrease the total time is taken to give the exam. 
  • Educators can create different versions for the test that can be equivalent to each other as well as the difficulty level could be the same. The candidate can see a limited portion of the test. Since there are different versions of the exam, every student gets a distinctive version. 
  • Students with disabilities can also attempt CBT. Braille keyboard is available for visually impaired students. Text can be enlarged to increase readability. 
  • It would offer an individual testing environment for secure exams and giving exams comfortably. 
  • Students can see the tutorial guide if they are not aware of the CBT

While these points help students to give exams securely. CBT exam saves the cost of paper by conducting the exam on a computer. Moreover, it is eliminating the chances of designing question papers. With CBT, it is easier for the teachers to generate results. Nowadays, it is considered the future of exams and thus in this way, computer based examinations are becoming helping hands for schools, institutes or government organizations in managing exams with complete transparency.

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