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Things To Consider Before Buying a Used Car in Kenya

Most people consider owning a car by a certain age. It certainly creates ease. However, despite the dream of owning a new car, most people may not have the budget. Nevertheless, several options exist for buying a second hand car for sale in Kenya. Pre-owned Japanese vehicles in Kenya are popular for several reasons.

One top reason is the fact they are right-hand cars. Kenya does not allow importing left-hand cars. Secondly, pre-owned Japanese vehicles may be more affordable for Kenyans. So if you are considering buying a used car in Kenya, here are some things to consider to make the right decision:

Your Budget

The first thing to consider when purchasing a second-hand car is your budget. You’ll find many options when you go to the market or search online for used cars. However, you should be aware of a reasonable amount you can spare to buy a car.

Knowing your budget will allow you to search for cars within that range. It can make your choice easier as well as you’ll be focused on finding a car that meets your budget easily. Going overboard on your budget will only cause problems and waste your time.

Conduct Comprehensive Research

Before you go out to purchase your car, make sure you have conducted thorough research on your end. This will save you from getting scammed by dealers and you will come across as someone knowledgeable about the automobile industry.

Researching yourself about the used car models, their prices and resale values and common defects will allow you to expand your options and make an informed decision when you finally go to a dealer.

Car Specifications

Once you know your budget, the next thing you need to know is the car specifications. There is a lot to consider when purchasing your car. You have to know whether it is for personal or business needs? It will dictate the car specifications you should be searching for.

Whatever car you choose to buy should meet your needs. If you have a large family, a spacious interior might be your priority. If you want to save on fuel costs, you may be looking at fuel-efficient cars. It is important to identify your needs and reasons for getting the car and then outline the specifications that meet those needs.

Condition of the Car

When buying a pre-owned vehicle in Kenya, it is most important to be able to correctly judge the car’s condition. Since it is a pre-owned vehicle, it can have problems. However, most cars from Japan are high-quality and in good condition.

If you are purchasing the car through a dealer, you should ask them the right questions about its condition. If your car dealer is reliable, they will provide you with an inspection certificate. However, you should still be able to satisfy any queries you have regarding the car’s condition.

Some things to consider when buying a pre-owned vehicle are to inspect major repairs on the car, replaced body parts, paint quality, or if it has been repainted to give a new look, rust, and the condition of tires, among other things.

Availability of Spare Parts

It would be helpful and less stressful to have readily available spare parts for the car you choose to buy. You should check with the dealership or the local market as repairs become easier.

Some car parts like Toyota’s are easily available in the Kenyan market, and mechanics are also well-aware to cope with repairs and maintenance. Buying a car that does not have spare parts easily available or the mechanics are not familiar with the model can create hassle in maintenance and repairs.

Getting a Car Insurance Policy

It is important to have a car insurance policy before driving the car. If you don’t, it will be considered illegal. When buying a used car in Kenya, be mindful of having your car insured before you take it out.

Getting third-party car insurance coverage is the minimum requirement for car insurance. Some benefits of third-party insurance include an affordable cost and an easier purchasing and renewal process.

However, there are different car insurance policies available, and you can select one within your budget, and that meets your needs.

Checking Car Reviews

Before buying your second-hand car for sale in Kenya, you must also check consumer reviews on dealership sites or car review sites. It will give you a better idea about the model you are willing to purchase and help you make an informed decision.

Most car owners go above and beyond in sharing their experience of owning a particular model. Another helpful thing would be to check reviews for the dealership from where you intend to buy your car. Reviews are helpful when you are buying a second-hand vehicle.

Rules for Imported Cars in Kenya

Used cars in Kenya are governed by import regulations, and as a car buyer, you should be aware of them. A car dealer should be able to guide and assist you in importing your vehicle; however, you should know the following import regulations:

  • Any vehicle imported to Kenya should not be older than eight years.
  • The imported used car for sale in Kenya should have passed a mechanical and safety inspection before registration and driving.
  • Imported cars in Kenya carry an import declaration fee (IDF) to be cleared from the Port of Mombasa.

Checking Paperwork

When you purchase a used car in Kenya, you should check the car’s paperwork and verify the details. The paperwork will give details of the car model, specification, and ownership.

You can verify the information through your dealer or online to ensure the car you purchase does not have a troubled history. Checking and verifying the paperwork will give you peace of mind when purchasing.

Keep Options Open

It is in your favor to know exactly what you need when purchasing a pre-owned car for sale in Kenya. However, it is also advisable to keep your mind and options up. There are a lot of options in the market, and you could end up buying a better car at the same price. This is only possible when you stay on the lookout with reliable dealerships.

Accounting for Complete Price

When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle through a dealership, there may be additional costs associated with it. Costs like insurance, shipment, freight, and others are included to calculate the final price.

Before making your booking make sure that the dealer has communicated the full price and there are no hidden charges. A reliable dealer will never hide the true cost of the vehicle and you will be notified of the complete price in advance.

End Word

There are several places to purchase a second-hand car for sale in Kenya. However, you must ensure that the dealership has a local office and can answer all your queries. They should also have an extensive inventory from where you can make a suitable choice for purchasing your next car. It is a one-time decision, so make it wisely.

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