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Health and Medical

The Study of the Digestive System

Best Dietician in Gurgaon:- The digestive system is probably the most important physiological function explore in micronutrition. Since some years, we discover that the ecosystem intestinal is a great regulator of the most part of our physiological functions. This system includes the intestinal flora which is composed of more than 100,000 billion bacteria we work with closely together with the intestinal mucosa which represents an essential interface to assimilation of nutrients. This mucosa is very vulnerable to many aggressions in our environment (alcohol, antibiotics, stress, dysbiosis etc.). The 3rd actor is the immune system under mucosa which represents 60% of all immune cells of the body and which is responsible for regulating our immunity, the disturbance of this system which can lead to various diseases such as allergies or autoimmune diseases. We will see below the many ways to explore our digestive system.

Biochemical analysis of stool digestion

This analysis explores our ability to digest food. Indeed, we know that the digestion is the consequence of phenomena complexes beginning with chewing to end at the level of the intestinal mucosa. This analysis provides an assessment qualitative and quantitative of our ability to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins, this offers a very practical look at the overall digestion. (Best Dietician in Gurgaon)

Assessment of permeability intestinal

The intestinal mucosa is an interface that allows the absorption of micronutrients controlled way. When the mucosa is attacked or inflamed, it becomes permeable, by opening the junctions tight epithelial cells. The causes more common are stress, taking antibiotics, alcohol, anti-inflammatories or intolerances food etc. This invasion of macromolecules can cause damage to distance causing a syndrome inflammatory and opening the door to many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc.

The lactitol/mannitol test

This test uses two substances not metabolized: lactitol and mannitol because their size is different and their absorption by the intestinal wall uses mechanisms different, one passes between the cells of the intestine (lactitol) while the other must cross the cells of the intestine (mannitol). the normal ratio is maximum 2%, because it does not pass only 2 molecules of lactitol per 100 mannitol molecules. (Best Dietician in India) In case of a increased permeability, percentage increases because more large molecules pass between intestinal cells.

The determination of LPS in the blood

One of the consequences of hyperpermeability intestinal is to allow the passage of bacteria or bacterial fragments (the lipopolysaccharides or LPS) which creates a pro-inflammatory environment and stress oxidative promoting many diseases of civilizations. This blood test gives a good idea of the presence of a leaky gut. Shivani is Top Online Dietician.

Dosage of dietary IgG Refer to point

It is important to understand that the presence many dietary IgG is more reflective a problem of intestinal permeability that of food sensitivity.

Exploration of dysbiosis or of bacterial overgrowth

Intestinal dysbiosis is an imbalance of microbiota that can result from excess opportunistic and deleterious microorganisms and/or a relative deficiency of microorganisms beneficial to the host. The causes of dysbioses are various that can occur after a bacterial intestinal infection or parasites, a change in diet, certain medications such as antibiotics or an immune deficiency. The consequences dysbiosis can be important can cause various digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome), diseases inflammation of the intestine but also various chronic diseases. His exploration remains subject to debate since the microbiota includes more than 1500 species including the majority their role is little known. It exists however various possibilities to have a general appreciation of the balance of the flora. Shivani Sirki is the Best Dietician in Gurgaon.

Here are two possible approaches:

The metabolite test organic urinary – This test evaluates the state of the intestinal flora via identification of urinary markers specific reflecting the presence in quantity normal or on the contrary the proliferation abnormal bacteria putrefaction or an intestinal yeast overgrowth. This is a breath test that measures gases exhaled to investigate bowel disorders. Among other things, it allows diagnose lactose malabsorption and/or fructose.

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