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Computers and Technology

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: The Jobs It Will Replace

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, and there’s no stopping it. Many jobs that have been traditionally done by human beings are now being replaced by robots and machines. This is because they can do the job faster, cheaper, and more accurately than humans can. In this blog post, we will discuss the jobs that Artificial Intelligence is most likely to replace in the near future. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure you’re preparing for the future!


Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits potential customers by phone. This job has long been considering an annoyance by many people, and it is now also seen as a threat to jobs. With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is increasingly likely that telemarketing is replacing by automated systems. Telemarketing involves a high degree of repetition, making it well suited to automation. In addition, automated systems can keep track of a large number of potential customers and make personalized calls to each one. As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, it is likely that telemarketing will become increasingly obsolete.

Bookkeeping Clerks

Bookkeeping clerks are responsible for maintaining financial records, which includes tasks such as processing invoices and payments, preparing reports, and reconciling bank statements. With the advent of artificial intelligence, bookkeeping clerks are at risk of being replaced by machines that can do the same job more efficiently and with error. While this may result in cost savings for businesses, it could also lead to a significant loss of jobs. Bookkeeping clerks who are able to adapt to the changing landscape may be able to find work in other areas of accounting or finance. However, those who are unable to make the transition will likely find themselves out of a job.


Receptionists are the first point of contact for many businesses, and they play an important role in creating a positive impression. However, their jobs are increasingly being usurped by Artificial Intelligence. Virtual receptionists can already be found in a variety of settings, from hospitals to hotels. These systems are typically much more efficient than their human counterparts, and they can often provide a more personalised service. As the technology continues to develop, it is likely that receptionists will become increasingly redundant. In many cases, AI will simply be able to do the job better. As a result, businesses are likely to turn to virtual receptionists in the near future in order to cut costs and improve efficiency.


Couriers are responsible for delivering packages and other items to customers. However, their job is at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future. Couriers typically use vehicles to travel between locations, but there are now autonomous vehicles that can independently deliver packages. In addition, couriers often use GPS to plan their route, but this technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and will eventually be able to plan routes more efficiently than humans. As a result, it is likely that artificial intelligence will eventually replace couriers as the primary method of package delivery.


Proofreaders play an important role in the publishing industry, ensuring that books, magazines, and other printed materials are free of errors. However, their days may be numbered, as artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to perform proofreading tasks. AI-powered software can not only identify spelling and grammatical errors, but also check for inconsistencies and make suggestions for improving the text. As AI continues to evolve, it is likely that proofreading will become one of the many jobs that machines replace. While this may be bad news for proofreaders, it is likely to lead to faster and more efficient production of printed material. In the end, it is yet another example of how artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it.

Computer Support Specialists

Computer Support Specialists are responsible for providing technical assistance to computer users. They may field questions from customers seeking help with software or hardware issues, or they may provide more general customer service support. As the use of artificial intelligence grows, however, computer support specialists may find that their job duties are increasingly being handled by machines. For example, AI-powered chatbots can often provide quick and accurate answers to common customer service questions. In addition, AI can be used to diagnose and resolve technical problems without the need for human intervention. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it is likely that computer support specialists will see their roles diminish in the years to come.

Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts are the job which responsible for collecting and analyzing data to help businesses understand what products and services customers want, need, or are willing to pay for. They use this information to help companies make decisions about what products to develop or how to market them. However, market research analysts is a job that Artificial Intelligence will replace in the near future. With the advent of big data, businesses are able to collect more information about customer behavior than ever before. AI is able to analyze this data more efficiently and effectively than human beings, making it better equipped to make predictions about customer behavior. As a result, market research analysts will become increasingly obsolete in the coming years.

Advertising Salespeople

Advertising salespeople are the ones who sell advertising space to businesses in newspapers, magazines, and websites. They work with a wide range of businesses, from small local businesses to large multinational companies. However, their job is under threat from Artificial Intelligence. AI is increasingly being used to identify potential customers and target them with advertising. This is already having an impact on advertising salespeople. They are finding it difficult to compete with the speed and accuracy of AI. In the future, it is likely that AI will completely replace advertising salespeople, making them redundant.

Final Thought

These are only a few examples of the jobs that artificial intelligence will replace in the coming years. As AI continues to evolve, it is likely that even more jobs will automate. While this may cause some disruption in the short term, it is ultimately beneficial for society as a whole. Artificial intelligence has the potential to make our lives easier and improve the efficiency of many industries. In the end, we should embrace the rise of artificial intelligence Malaysia and use it to our advantage. What do you think? Are you worrying about the impact of AI on employment? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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