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The different types of wedding speeches, to each his own style!

Do you know which people are likely to intervene on your wedding day? It is indeed common for speeches to be made on D-Day. Yes, but by whom? This is what you will discover or rediscover here!

Whether your wedding is traditional or modern, you will not escape the famous wedding speeches! Like the bridal bouquet or the wedding decoration, the speeches are among these big must-haves of D-Day. So, it is better to find out about them now.

We often tend to search the internet for wedding speech ideas. But before even taking an interest in the writing of the text itself, it is good to make the first point to know what the different types of wedding speeches are, who pronounce them, and when. You can get in touch with the best speech writers to get the job done.

This is what we have tried to answer through the following list.

The official speech

When you think of a wedding speech, you immediately think of your parents, witnesses, or brothers and sisters. But we must not forget that beyond the friendly speeches, words will be pronounced by official members of the wedding. This is the case of the speech of the mayor of the wedding or of your priest or ceremonial officiant depending on your type of union. These few words will take place during the ceremony, generally before the exchange of wedding rings and/or wedding vows.

The romantic discourse

No, your loved ones will not be the only ones to have to take up the pen as your wedding approaches! Indeed, the newlyweds generally address each other with a few words and quotes of love to reinforce the symbolism of their commitment, to reaffirm their attachment. This moment rich in emotions usually occurs when exchanging wedding rings. Some newlyweds wait for the cocktail party or even dinner to declare their love once again!

The transmission speech

For the parents of the newlyweds, D-Day symbolizes in a way the moment of entrusting their child to another person, of letting their son or daughter start their own family and live their own life with their spouse. The discourse of the father or the mother is therefore generally centered on an idea of ​​transition, of a new life. It is normally the father of the bride who opens the speeches at the start of the meal, followed by the other parents present.

The pep talk

The godfather and the godmother are referent adults who accompany the child from near or far since the day of his birth. These often-important figures in everyone’s life sometimes take the floor to wish the best to their godchild and encourage him in this new stage of his adult life. The sponsors can express themselves during the cocktail or after the parents and brothers and sisters during dinner.

The speech of memories

This is often the case with the wedding speech of the sister or even the brother of the bride and groom. A best friend or cousin can also fulfill this function of evoking the past and happy moments of childhood. The “memories” speech will normally come after that of the parents.

The accompanying speech

The witness of the groom or the bride can be his brother, his sister, or his/her best friend and in this case, he will certainly say a few words related to his common past with the groom or the bride. the witness was present with the newlyweds throughout their preparations and perhaps also their love story, he knows the couple and their journey and will be keen to reaffirm their support today and in the future.

The humorous speech

It’s hard to imagine a wedding evening without a humorous keynote speech for a wedding! This great classic comes most often to the groom’s and/or bride’s band of friends. It is a question here of evoking amusing and sometimes little embarrassing anecdotes related to the history of the groom or the bride. This type of text is often accompanied by photos and videos featuring the bride and groom. This speech comes later in the evening before dessert for example.

Now that you are aware of the role of each of your loved ones, all you must do is send them a wedding invitation to take advantage of their presence and their lovely speeches for precious moments, between laughter and emotions. As you have seen, creative ideas are necessary for an original marriage proposal, but not only! You will need to be always talented and creative during your preparations.

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