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Tesla Model 3 Is The Fastest Selling Electric Car

Tesla holds a stronghold on the electric vehicle market. The Model 3 is the most popular electric vehicle, and it’s the most affordable. You may not have heard of the micro-EV from China, the second-best-selling car. It’s called Wuling Hong Guang and is a remarkable anomaly.

It measures 114 inches in length, six inches less than the Smart Fortwo. The Wuling Hong Guang electric vehicle can carry four people despite its short length. It has all the basic features you need, including air conditioning, rear parking sensors, and anti-lock brakes. As a sales person, update your car sales training skills.

The micro EV is small, but it lacks power. The car’s single, 17-horsepower motor can propel it to a top speed of over 62 mph. There are two options for battery packs available to buyers: a 9.3kWh battery that provides 75 miles of range and a 13.9kWh pack that provides 106 miles.

Although the range is not great, it’s still quite adequate. However, with such a tight interior, you wouldn’t be able to travel long distances in Hong Guang.

However, electric vehicles are only required for short trips in most Chinese cities. The Hong Guang is a better choice than the Tesla Model 3. Tesla can’t compete with cars like the Hong Guang because they are so cheap.

A base model Hong Guang electric vehicle will cost you USD 4,162. However, in China, US dollars are not accepted.

You’ll spend only $5,607. If you go all out and get the fully-loaded trim, it will cost you $5,607. Tesla had to increase prices in America to lower Chinese prices to compete with these budget EVs.

According to Electric Hybrid Vehicle Technology, the Tesla Model 3 sells 215,000 units worldwide. However, Hong Guang manages 125,000 units in China.

They also outsold the Tesla Model Y by approximately 25,000 units. This small, unusual electric car is a great option for city commuters that we haven’t explored.

Many would argue that electric cars of low range won’t be able to survive in the American market. They’re probably right. New York has over 8 million residents.

It is not as crowded as Shanghai, China’s 30,000,000 residents. These micro EVs are not as important as China’s, but it is still possible that they might be available in the United States.

Another interesting fact about Wuling is that GM partially owns them. This means they have some control in the USA, even though they haven’t used it yet. Although there aren’t any plans, Hong Guang may be in Europe before it reaches America.

The Hong Guang would not be the first small, Chinese-made electric car to arrive on American shores. This title belongs to Kandi, which makes the K23 and smaller K27 vehicles.

Have an auto sales training course to come up to market standards. This is another bare-bones electric vehicle, but the cheapest available car costs about $10,000 after tax credits. It’s also not as affordable as Hong Guang.

It’s unclear if this tiny EV will make it to the US, but I wouldn’t put my life savings on it. However, other countries would value an inexpensive electric car to help usher into a new era in emissions regulations.

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