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  • Computers and TechnologyPhoto of Learn more about computers

    Learn more about computers

    The Meaning of Computers A computer is a computing platform able to receive. Save and helpfully communicate and information technology. It is a program that does math or logic tasks automatically. It’s widely adopted across the Latin American continent. In Chile and Colombia, however, the male form (‘ computer ‘) is the norm. It was originally derived from the Latin…

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  • Computers and TechnologyPhoto of How to Protect Yourself Online: A How-To Guide

    How to Protect Yourself Online: A How-To Guide

    Security on the internet is never 100% guaranteed. Because of the wide variety of people and their diverse motives that may be found there. Hackers, con artists, and malicious software are just some many dangers that lurk online. Unfortunately, you are now responsible for ensuring the safety of your own online activities because the internet no longer provides that sense…

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