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android development

  • Computers and TechnologyPhoto of Top Android Libraries for 2022

    Top Android Libraries for 2022

    Libraries play a significant role in the development process, even though frameworks are crucial because they are essential in creating any framework. We may avoid repeatedly writing the same line of code by using a library containing the codes we frequently use while creating Android apps. In a nutshell, you must employ pre-written codes for various features that you can…

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  • Computers and TechnologyPhoto of Java vs Kotlin : All You Need to Know

    Java vs Kotlin : All You Need to Know

    For app developers, deciding between multiple programming languages is a daunting task. Java should be your first choice for creating a robust Android app. On the other hand, new languages may pose a significant challenge for Java in the Android era. Java vs Kotlin. Java vs Kotlin are the two languages under question. First, let’s learn about these two languages…

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