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TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition [availability, price] Fake Rolex

Fake Rolex

Black with cool blue accents and elements inspired by the appearance of the electric Taycan model by Porsche. In addition to its sporty look, the Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition smartwatch also offers control of certain functions of Porsche cars.Fake Rolex

Last year, the TAG Heuer brand boasted not only about a new watch,

but also cooperation with a new partner – the Porsche company. The symbol of this collaboration is the Carrera model,

which is associated with both brands like no other. The first result of this collaboration was the Carrera Porsche Chronograph Special Edition 44 mm Heuer 02 Automatic,

shown in February last year, in the typical Porsche colors of black, gray and red. This year it was the turn of something completely different, i.e. a smartwatch inspired by the Taycan electric model.

.Fake Rolex

What connects the Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition with a Porsche car? In addition to a few Taycan-inspired elements, the new smartwatch has several functions that enable Porsche owners to read and control certain settings,

such as heating and air conditioning. The new Connected is compatible not only with the Taycan, but also with other models

(eg Panamera, 911, 718, Cayenne and Macan). Smartwatch owners can connect it to their car using the Wear OS app.

For now, four functions are available: battery charge indicator (for both electric and hybrid models), battery depletion or gas level information

(how many kilometers are left until the tank is completely empty),

as well as quick control of heating and air conditioning of the vehicle and a total indicator mileage. To activate these functions, the owner must have a Porsche ID, a Porsche Connect subscription and the My Porsche app. In addition, the Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition is equipped with a heart rate sensor,

pedometer, stopwatch, alarm, timer, barometer,

gyroscope, compass, microphone, NFC module and monitoring functions while practicing various sports: running, cycling, swimming and fitness (programmed workouts with a trainer are also available).


Compared to the previous version, the new TAG Heuera smartwatch is

technically more perfect – thanks to Bluetooth 5.0,

data is transferred to and from the smartwatch faster,

while the brighter screen provides better contrast and the battery lasts longer (by 30%). With a full charge (it takes 1.5 hours), the battery lasts for one day (including, for example, it allows you to measure a 5-hour golf game).Fake Rolex

But let’s go back to the electric Taycan and the elements that served as inspiration. Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition has a large 45 mm case made of titanium with a black DLC coating

(titanium perfectly matches the sporty character of the smartwatch). The same color is also used for a ceramic bezel with a scale from zero to 400

(the scale resembles the speedometer and shows the speed that the car can develop) and the word “Porsche” marked in cool blue. The same shade accentuates other details: a large,

handy crown, buttons, a dial and stitching of a leather strap, which resembles the structure of carbon fiber (it refers to the interior of the car).replica rolex women

The Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition comes with an additional rubber strap. The owner can replace the strap himself, as the smartwatch has a quick-change system. And a few more words about the shield. Its appearance is inspired by the electrical

circuits and that of the racetracks. The counters are similar to watches with a stopwatch and are

marked with a cool blue color. The counters display information such as the number of steps, heart rate measurement and data downloaded from the car.Fake Rolex

The Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition will be available from September. Price: PLN 12,150.

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