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Computers and Technology

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration is a Mainstay in CRM Business

Google Calendar Integration

You can’t remember everyday meeting at the right time. So, businesses go for Google Calendar to remind them all the time. But it might be frustrating when your team members conduct the meeting at the same time when you are busy with your existing clients. It is nothing more than infuriating and this unorganized way should be eliminated. 
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We believe the only solution would be SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite). Why so? It syncs all your vital meetings between Google Calendar and SuiteCRM in real-time. The team will get to know the time slot available to conduct meetings between Manager and client. This is a better-organized way now with no hurdles. 

Can you schedule Tasks and Calls?

In this Extension, a user can simply schedule Tasks and Calls on both these platforms. This would be much easier for your CRM organization to work now. Ultimately, a user can assign the calendar to the appropriate member. 

Everything will be done in Real-time (One of the most effective Functionality). All these meetings, calls, and tasks will be synced in an appropriate Module too. You are free to choose any SuiteCRM module as per your requirement. 

What about the Upcoming Future meetings synchronization? 

This is a question to ponder over. Many companies have busy schedules so they are interested to get the functionality of syncing future days’ meetings. 

The Plugin will let you do this. A user is allowed to synchronize upcoming 60 days and Future meetings from here. Also, the upcoming days’ synchronization can be done in both SuiteCRM and Google Calendar platforms. 

Clients will always get Meeting Updates

Suppose you have some other priority work that is so important that you can’t do meeting with other international clients. Our add-on SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite) will shoot the invitation email with updated details. 

Whatever changes you do your client will always get notified to their desired email address. And yes, updates will be done in real-time in both Google Calendar and SuiteCRM. In addition to this, you can add permanent attendees/guests too. The advantage would be if you conduct any meeting, that permanent attendee/guest will be added automatically. 

The Functionality of adjusting the time zone of International clients

Your CRM Business deals with so many international clients regularly. You might be giving some extra time to adjust the exact time related to their location. Right? Let this Plugin handle your operation. We will be promising done swiftly with no hurdles. 

The extension helps in adjusting the Time zone automatically as per their location. A user can easily add as many attendees as possible from any module directly from this CRM system. More importantly, the meeting that is going to assign automatically will be attached to this SuiteCRM history. 

Get the Free Product Tour from us

When you purchase the SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite) add-on you can get a Free Product Tour service. The benefit would be helping your business to understand the Installation and Configuration. Better not miss this opportunity. 

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Free and Paid SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Products are just one click away to get into your CRM. All you need to do is just get in touch with Outright Store which has a well-versed experience in curating this phenomenal extension to handle your CRM operation and make your business smarter in the market. When dealing with Outright Store you will see enormous of add-ons that are easy to use plus fixed with ultimate functionalities. Moreover, CRM businesses can get frontline services such as Data migration, Integration, Customization, Hosting, Maintenance, etc.

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