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Startup Your Fruitful On-demand Multi-Services With Adaptable GoJek Clone App

When it comes to getting things done on the internet, there are a lot of different options these days. We can easily get any service in real-time by using the right business apps. Users from all over the world love these options because they are so easy to use.

One of them is the ability to book multiple services on the go. People who use multi-home services will make more money in the years from 2020 to 2024, according to a report from Technavio. The growth rate for this year (2021) would be 49%.

When you start your own multi-service online business now, when it’s at its peak in the market, it helps you get the most success in your chosen field. Our next step is to make a multi-service app from the GoJek Clone.

GoJek’s clone app adds a new twist to the on-demand multi-service industry.

You get a lot of benefits when you make your app from the GoJek clone script has for you. It helps you make your business app users unique through your new on-demand multi-service app.

  • A White-Label Script –The GoJek clone is a complete white-label solution for making a new app for your phone or tablet. So, you can change anything about your business plan.
  • Multi-Scale – Any type of online service business model will work with an adaptable app design. It can be used on a large scale.
  • Platforms that work together- You can use your new multi-service business app from the GoJek clone on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Your app can be used by people who use any of the operating systems.
  • Interfaces that are safe- Being that all of the transactions in your business are safe and encrypted so that no one else can see them, your multiservice app is completely safe for the people who use it.

Online multi-service business models that you can start right away.

You can start your own multi-service business by putting together people who do a lot of different things, like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and so on, on one app platform. Or make a separate one for each service handler based on their specialization. There are many examples like this one.

Service booking for a plumber on demand

  • Online booking of on-call electricians
  • On-demand booking for a garden maintenance service
  • On-demand booking for housekeeping services
  • On-demand Mechanic Service Booking, and so on.

Using the GoJek clone app’s ability to work with a wide range of on-demand business models, you could make a new business app that fits your own startup idea in the industries you want to work in.

Get a free demo of how to make a Gojek-like app for WhatsApp or Skype.

Start a profitable on-demand multi-service business with an adaptable GoJek clone.

Multiservice app development from the GoJek clone script can help you run a successful business on the internet. Using the effective app features below, your app in the field works like a charm for the best service possible.

Apps for Friendly Business

GoJek’s app for your complete multi-service business is easy to use. It gives your app users a very smooth experience when they use it to get into your service. Your customers don’t have to deal with any hassles when they play with other players because your service handlers respond quickly.

Usage Access is fast

The smart login option that you have set up in your multi-service app allows your business people to quickly register with their logged-in social media accounts. The app service can be used right away even if they aren’t yet a member.

As soon as possible, you can book a service

The strong connection between your different business players’ app panels sends push notifications right away. It tells the right person about a customer’s request for the same service in a split second. So, bookings can be approved right away.

Maps of the routes you take

After the service provider accepts the request, they can use the geolocation option to keep an eye on their customers’ locations at all times. This feature is built into your new multiservice app from the GoJek clone script, so you can use it right away.

When you buy something, you can pay for it in different currencies.

Your business app can accept multiple currencies. Customers can pay for their fares in dollars, euros, INR, and other currencies, as long as they have enough money. They can use their payment cards, mobile banking, or e-wallets like PayPal to make smart online payments.

An on-off status report

Use the on/off toggle button in your app to set the availability status of your business service providers so that they can accept booking requests online. So, only customers who are looking for service right now can see the active service handlers.

Smart Tracking of Your Past.

All the business people who use your app can see their history based on their roles and how many people can see it. It makes it easy for them to keep track of their records when they need to. There are many examples like this one.

  • End-users can see how many services they get from your business app and how much they pay for them.
  • They can see how much money they made in a day, week, month, or year.
  • You, as an admin, can see all of your business records from the past and the present at any time.

you have more options for making your business app.

 you make a multi-service business app that fits your needs. This includes all of the most important features. Add or remove any options that come with your new business app through this method.

You can start talking to our experts about how to improve your business app at any time. They know how to make business applications because they have worked on them for a long time.

A multi-service app for you that has its own admin panel. You don’t have to worry about doing all of your business from where you are sitting now. All of the information you see on your admin dashboard came from your business’s many different ways of working.

You can pay attention to how your customers rate and review your app-based service online. You can add or remove business people as needed. As well, you can make 360-degree changes in the future to match the changes that are needed.


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