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Stair cleaning in the condominium: examples and advice from professionals

It is not uncommon that when the request for a quote for the cleaning of condominium stairs, a specification is provided with a long series of services that seem too abundant in the eyes of a professional.

Condominiums and administrators often report that the company that drew up this type of work specification subsequently did not faithfully carry out the operations included in the contract.

Let’s start with concrete examples that can make it clear where problems arise regarding the services related to the cleaning of the stairs of the condominium and we continue with a series of tips.

Costs for cleaning condominium stairs not congruent with services: real examples

When a specification reads ” crystallization of the monthly marble of atrium-stairs and landings ” the alarm bell must go off, because the costs of this intervention and the frequency are too high and, therefore, impossible to carry out constantly while remaining inside of a relatively low budget.

Before running into misunderstandings and ending up establishing a relationship that does not respect and satisfies each other’s needs, it is good to play with uncovered cards, explaining exactly what the needs are, and understanding how they can then be satisfied by the cleaning agency.

Another situation that undermines the relationship between the cost of cleaning the condominium stairs in Milan and the real service that is got is that in which the hours or number of operators described in the contract are greater than those actually employed.

Stair cleaning: advice from a specialized company

At SCS Group we put our years of experience at the disposal of our customers and try to facilitate them by providing useful advice for cleaning needs.

There are three things to do before requesting a condominium stair cleaning service:

1) It is important to establish which services the condominium needs;

2) Ask an expert to draw up a work specification;

3) Verify that the expert has real experience and understand/verify that he has drawn up many specifications with positive results.

Many cleaning companies abound in performance to entice customers to accept their quotes.

Instead, the best thing is to draw up a specification with the correct and necessary services we need to perform, both to obtain quality services and to optimize costs.

Deluding with an important quote to attract the customer will only crack the relationship which, in a short time, will only cause friction.

Returning to the example cited above, we need to put into consideration that 12 crystallizations per year, in addition to all the other performances, would increase the estimate considerably. If the total costs estimated by the cleaning company are low, you have to understand that something is not right.

Therefore, the solution is to ask the expert only the services that the condominium really needs and to have the correct specifications drawn up.

Why rely on professionals to solve stair cleaning problems?

We at SCS Group have the sole purpose of satisfying the customer’s needs. We do this starting from transparency and consistency.

If you want to speak to experts, contact us and you will express your concerns and clarify any doubts. Before sending you a quote, our professionals will do a free inspection to get the exact idea of ​​your needs.  Relying on who can really solve the problem makes the difference.

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