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Banking and Finance

Side hustles you never thought about

We live in uncertain times, and most people’s regular jobs can not bring financial stability. If you are one of those hardly hit by the pandemic crisis, here are some interesting ideas for side hustles you can do to improve your finances in harsh economic circumstances.


We have seen so many educational institutions shut down during pandemics. Children are going back and forth from traditional to online classrooms, and it’s a huge burden for children, parents, and teachers at the same time.

Regular teachers don’t have enough time or means to provide students with the appropriate level of knowledge to pass tests and exams. Parents are powerful to feel these gaps. And all of these represent the fertile ground for various kinds of tutors, be it a math subject, languages, science, and so on.

If you have some teaching experience, it would be a huge plus, but even if not, you can manage to find the gig since there is a huge demand. According to the report on the Tutor.com website, tutors’ rates range from $25 to $50 per hour. It depends on your location and the subject you specialize in.

Trading financial markets

Regarding profitability, this is the side hustle at the top of the list. However, there are risks related to the choice of a trading intermediary. Therefore you ought to do due diligence before venturing into trading the markets, and for that, checking out broker review should be the starting point.

Seasoned day traders on the foreign currency market manage to earn six figures on a yearly level. Crypto investors have nicely filled their pockets during the last couple of years. But to reach that level, make sure to have enough available time for learning.

Use free educational resources like ebooks and webinars. These can be found on most brokerage websites. You have plenty of markets to choose from for trading: from traditional currencies to crypto and commodities. Some brokers offer several asset types; some are limited only to one.

Manage Facebook Ads

Business owners are well aware of the importance of Facebook advertisements. However, many are not able to dedicate the time to this activity and are ready to delegate it to specialists.

The chances are high that you probably spend a lot of time on this social media with more than 3 billion users. Therefore you surely know your way around and need a bit of upgrading knowledge to figure out how to sell products using Facebook ads.

Check some Youtube tutorials or simply go into deeper details on the Facebook for business page. Once you get comfortable with Facebook for business, start promoting your skills. Besides. Most small businesses already have a presentation page on Facebook where you can find your first clients.

Become a Freelancer in the career you excel in already.

Freelancing opportunities are endless these days. And you can find the fit for any occupation from writing, web design, administration, and programming to translation, transcription, and voiceover.

You should naturally start from the jobs you are proficient in, but be open-minded to jump on something you do as a hobby.

No need to be an expert, but rather ready to apply yourself and eventually broaden your skill sets. Businesses require people with versatile skills. Make a list of everything you are good at, such as for instance design, foreign languages, budgeting, and meal preparation.

Finally, there is always a wiggle room to develop new skills from your passion.

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