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Seven tips on how to improve your company’s server performance

While many companies opt for cloud storage, some organizations still use internal servers for various IT functions, such as site hosting, e-mails, data storage, and management systems.

Even being the last generation, the internal servers may lose their efficiency over time, presenting connection failures and problems during the file.

To help you get the most out of these devices, top technology companies in Singapore share seven tips from our IT team to improve server performance. Take advantage!

The Importance Of Optimizing The Performance Of Your Server

It is essential to manage these devices to continue to guarantee that they remain in optimal conditions and with good performance and avoid these problems that harm the company’s operations.

Or that you gain or improve the performance of the server?

Optimizes her team’s performance, allowing her to complete complex tasks more quickly.

It allows the identification of problems in advance or during the procedure before they say they control and prejudice operations.

It helps you reduce risks of setbacks and loss of essential data and information for the business.

How to improve server performance?

Check out the main tips to improve the performance of your server:

  •         Mount the servers in racks.
  •         Avoid setting up your servers around workstations. Ideally, we should configure them in racks – server racks help keep hardware secure and organized, making it easy to manage and clean.
  •         They also limit exposure to regular non-desk wear and accidents in high-traffic areas, such as tripping cliffs, spills, and debris.
  •         Another essential point is when mounting the rack, verify that there is enough space to expand the hardware according to the company for the crescendo.
  •         Organize the bond neatly.

The number of threads on your server can become a problem if the best IT companies Singapore are not organized. Although it is apparent, the disorder affects performance and results in lost time if any maintenance is necessary.

When installing the ropes, identify each one of them, label them and group them in order. Charge your time from IT whenever there are adjustments to this part.

1: Maintain the hardware

Hardware maintenance plays a fundamental non-management role in improving the performance of two servers. Top technology companies in Singapore regularly monitor essential components, such as:

2: CPU (Central Processing Unit):

It works as a core of all the servers. Its responsibility is to perform all the calculations required to execute two programs.

3: Avoid excessive use:

If it operates at 100% of its power, it will not be possible to carry out additional tasks because of the slowness.

4: RAM (Random Access Memory):

We remember RAM as a working memory that keeps our server fast and increases the performance of our hard drives. It means more RAMs mean more impressive performance of the server.

Monitor your usage and add more memory when it’s total capacity.

5: Hard drive:

To store files permanently, we need a hard drive. It is because it provides permanent storage. You can save all your data and programs on hard drives.

Its capacity can be massive but it is essential to mention that its performance may reduce with excessive data. Accompany or available space, exclude unnecessary files, install new units, or include cloud-based solutions.

6: Refresh to the server area

It is exposed to ideal conditions for your server to have fast performance and increased durability. It involves a cold room, or excess heat decreases the useful life of the hardware.

Best IT companies Singapore also thought of a possible electricity supply or a cooling solution that works with energy reserve.

7: Software Updates

Installing a software is not enough. You must also update it timely to keep its performance at the  top and maintain it accordingly.

Carry out the available updates regularly, excluding old programs and systems. In addition to working better as updates, we protect servers from vulnerabilities and network attacks.

8: Pay special attention to security.

As stated above, the servers may be susceptible to cyber-attacks; Therefore, it is essential to keep your system secure by adopting the following practices:

  •         Install and update anti-virus software.
  •         Enter the traffic not authorized with firewalls.
  •         Robust access control software is essential here. If you do not think so, implement strong path policies that keep all unauthorized individuals, third parties, companies, and malware away from your server.
  •         Encryption and decryption processes also help us protect our servers. Cryptography has been serving top IT companies for years and become a necessity.

9|: Backup of all stored data

Our last say, but not least, is: make or backup two dice regularly. Losing information can be disastrous and even interfere with the company’s reputation among customers.

Top technology companies in Singapore can also integrate various tools to streamline backups, recovery, and status monitoring.

To further improve the server’s performance, use software from the market that works on identifying and not diagnosing server problems.

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