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Rolex presented its watch innovations at Watch Replicas UK and Wonders 2022. And it is: Everything as always – and yet a little different 🙂 – As is so often the case, the Geneva-based company took some existing models and gave them a small change here and there. The model lines that Rolex has turned to this year are the Air-King, the Yachtmaster, the Day-Date and the Datejust. But the GMT Master II has experienced the biggest and most noticeable change. And that doesn’t just mean the green and black bezel.

The Rolex Innovations 2022
Rolex GMT Master II – inside out (LHD)

Very unexpected and daring – at least for Rolex. Crown on the left, date on the left. In short: A GMT for left-handers. And that triggered the question “why?” in one or the other watch community. And that’s worded harmlessly 🙂

My bold thesis about this watch – and the “why”: Rolex has had one or the other (good?) experience with the Tudor Pelagos LHD (Left Hand Drive) and is now implementing it in its own range. Which would be very interesting, since such a “knowledge transfer” has so far tended to take place in the other direction. Tudor models have benefited from Rolex know-how and design. In any case, I believe that the people of Geneva have their good reasons for presenting the watch the way they are doing now.

Also interesting: According to Rolex, the black and green color scheme should only be reserved for this model or models. Does that mean we can expect more LHD models? Watch Replicas UK

Anyway, here are some more photos of this little “exciter” with a certain potential for getting used to:

The most important details at a glance:
Diameter: 40mm

Material: stainless steel, ceramic bezel

Price: 10,300 euros

Visit watchesukuk.com for more information

Rolex novelties 2022: Air-King – King of the skies gets crown protection

For many, the Air-King was already on the hit list. In the sense that Rolex will completely discontinue this model or design. Not at all. It’s still going strong, with a few minor changes. The most striking thing is probably the crown protection, which now makes the Air-King appear a bit sportier and more robust.

There was also a change in the minute “5” – it is now “05”. According to Rolex, this fits better şişli escort with the overall look of the dial. As I said, only minor changes.

More pictures:

The technical details at a glance:
Diameter: 40mm

Material: stainless steel

Price: €6,850

Visit replicawatches.cc for more information on the Air-King

Rolex Yachtmaster 42 in yellow gold

Sporty, elegant, big. This is the best way to summarize the new copy watches Rolex Yachtmaster 42 in yellow gold (18k). The Oysterflex strap (rubber with flexible metal insert) gives it a sporty look. The effect of yellow gold hardly needs to be discussed further. And the 42 mm also ensures that this watch stands out on the wrist. If you like it a little more subtle, I recommend the white gold version presented in 2019.

Some more impressions:

The most important details at a glance:
Diameter: 42mm

Material: yellow gold (18k)

Price: 26,450 euros

Visit watchesukuk.com for more information

Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum – for the first time with a fluted bezel

It may sound mundane, but until now it hasn’t been possible to machine a platinum bezel to give it a structure like the one you see above. The precious metal should be anything but easy to handle.

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