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Health and Medical

Requirements for the Medical Website of an Organization

To begin with, the presence of an official medical website for organizations is a prerequisite for work. Moreover, each portal must comply with the standards prescribed in these documents.

Requirements for the medical website of an institution can be divided into two categories:

  1. mandatory requirements, failure to comply with which entails a warning or a fine
  2. Important recommendations that help improve the level of service of the clinic and greatly simplify the procedures for interaction between the patient and the staff of the medical institution.


  • Why is it necessary to comply with the registration requirements?
  • What must be
  • Important recommendations for functionality and design
  • Independent quality assessment
  • Basic Laws and Orders
  • In conclusion

Why is it necessary to comply with the registration requirements?

If the design of the site does not meet the requirements, then in the event of an inspection, the medical institution faces a warning or a fine of 500-1000 rubles for officials and 5000-10000 rubles for legal entities. Any violations or shortcomings are administrative responsibility.

The medical website services are also subjected to scrutiny by search engines. For example, Google treats any sites from the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) category with special attention and strictness, including areas of medical organizations.

EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) criteria are used to evaluate pages and sections of medical websites for clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions:

  • expertise;
  • authority;
  • reliability.

If a page does not meet expectations based on the check results, it’s ranking in the search results decreases.

What must be

The first thing they pay attention to during the check is the availability of permits. This information should be available to anyone who enters a medical organization’s portal. The main information includes:

  • license number;
  • types of medical activity;
  • contacts the authority that issued the document.

A common mistake is the lack of a scanned copy of the license on the portal. This is a mandatory requirement since, with the help of a document scan, the user can verify that the data is reliable.

Copies of licenses of the positivemed.ru medical center

The required information, at the insistence of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, should include the following information:

Information about the medical organization:

    • the full official name, addresses of all buildings and separate structural subdivisions (if any), location map, and postal address;
    • information about the founders and the date of state registration;
    • scanned copies of licenses and other permits;
    • the structure of the medical institution and management bodies;
    • the mode of operation of all branches and divisions;
    • house rules for patients;
    • contact details: phone numbers of reference services, e-mail, etc.;
    • The schedule according to which the head and other authorized persons of this medical institution receive citizens. It is also necessary to indicate the corresponding phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

All types of medical services are provided with prices:

    • List of available services
    • Current prices
    • How to submit (how to prepare, how to sign up, how to pay)

Information about the medical staff:

    •  Full name
    • Job title
    • Education (level of education, organization that issued the document, year of receipt of the paper, specialty, qualification)
    • Certificates (the specialty must correspond to the position held and the validity of the certificate)
    • office hours
  1. Rules for making an appointment for a consultation, examination, initial meeting, etc.;
  2. Rules for preparing for various kinds of diagnostics;
  3. Contact phone numbers and addresses of authorities related to health protection, health care supervision, and consumer protection.
  4. Information about medical insurance companies with contracts for payment and assistance for compulsory medical insurance.
  5. List of vacancies.
  6. Information about the population’s duties and rights in healthcare.
  7. Reviews of consumers of medical SEO services.
  8. Personal data processing and protection policy (regulated by the law ” On Personal Data, “Article 18.1, part 2.)
  9. Site map for easy client navigation
  10. The version of the site for the visually impaired

Hello. My name is Tatyana. I am a professional web developer, freelancer, and author of the WidgetSoft project. I can order the creation and promotion of commercial sites. Or you can contact me for help so that I can help you attract your audience and reach the desired income.

Important recommendations for functionality and design

It remains a mystery to me why so few sites of medical institutions provide such simple and convenient functionality for their patients, such as:

  • possibility to make an appointment with a specialist online
  • there ability to get your test results online, regardless of the date of their delivery, because their history is stored in the database
  • these ability to receive a specialist’s commentary on the results of these analyzes online
  • this ability to online request an extract from the card of this medical institution, on a paid basis or free of charge
  • the ability to receive an online referral to the necessary procedures if the initial examination has already taken place and the results of the analyzes have been received
  • the ability to request a tax deduction online if you forgot to do this when visiting the clinic

Ability to request test results at positivemed.ru

In addition, I consider it extremely important that a medical site has a well-functioning search function. For example, one of my clients, whose website I administer on an ongoing basis (positivemed.ru), has more than 5,000 analyzes alone. Not to mention other services. And without a search, finding the information you need becomes almost impossible.

In general, what I want to say … If it is convenient for the patient to use the site, then, if necessary, he will return to the place where he managed to resolve his issue quickly. Therefore, I recommend considering the possibility of implementing the functionality I proposed on your site.

The professional web developer creating and maintaining professional medical websites will protect your site as much as possible, work like clockwork, and always contain only the most relevant information. Contact me if you need my help.

Independent quality assessment

The NOC puts forward additional requirements for medical organizations participating in the state program of the NOC. In addition to basic information, the administration of such institutions must take into account and publish:

  • information about the structure of the clinic and management bodies;
  • information about insurance companies with which the institution cooperates;
  • guarantees citizens’ access to free healthcare services;
  • data on the timing, stages, and results of clinical examination;
  • regulations of the medical institution in case of hospitalization of the patient;
  • a plan for the reception of citizens by external conditions;
  • the order of registration for the initial appointment of the patient;
  • stages of conducting and preparing the diagnosis of pathologies.

The requirements of the NOC and the Ministry of Health are recommended to be considered by program participants. Likewise, these additions should be taken into account by other medical institutions.

Basic Laws and Orders

When creating a medical website design service, it is important to consider the content of the following standards.

These documents contain information about which pages and sections any website of a medical institution must include. Let me remind you that ignoring these requirements in the event of a check will entail punishment in the form of a warning and fines, which I wrote about a little higher.

In conclusion

So, what should be the medical website of an organization?

First, intuitive. It is important that any website visitor can quickly navigate and find all the necessary information.

Second, informative. The official website of the medical institution is obliged to provide the user with all the necessary information.

All necessary documents, a list of services and employees, addresses and contacts of the clinic must be published on the clinic’s portal, and the site must have a thoughtful design and usability. That is why finding a reliable contractor to create a professional resource is so important.

And thirdly, it’s good when a medical organization’s website helps provide a high level of service for their patients. Namely, it allows you to make an appointment with a specialist online, request test results, and, if possible, get an online consultation if, for example, you need a simple transcript of tests, and the doctor has already performed an initial examination.

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