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Renovation and maintenance tips for your beautiful House

Having a dream home of your own is amazing, but it’s a little tedious task to keep the maintenance work of your home. It takes a lot of research and money to build or purchase your dream home. To keep your home always elegant and attractive a lot of maintenance work is required. All will invest in home maintenance. But if you are unaware and wondering about how to maintain and increase the value of your home, then this blog will be helpful for you. Today in this post, I am sharing tips for  incredible home maintenance that will increase the value of your home

 Spending a huge amount of money every year won’t be much applicable for all. It is not that you have to spend a lump sum amount for maintenance. Have a good general maintenance work of your home. Sometimes a small makeover can change the look and feel of your house. all will be wondering how it is possible. there are different cost-effective ways we can modify our home. If you are planning to buy a home that is easy to renovate .builders in Kottayam are providing the best luxury villas in Kottayam that are easy to maintain.

Maintenance tips to increase the value of your home

1. Set your maintenance budget

All fixed assets require regular maintenance and renovation.  Obviously, any renovation and maintenance need finance .so you should allocate an annual maintenance budget for maintenance and renovation. You should keep your spending limit always, don’t go above that. List down the essential things that you need to renovate. Don’t go for unnecessary maintenance and renovation works that will affect your budget.

2. Inspection

 First, do an inspection and list down all the things that need to be renovated. The plumbing-related or electrically related problems can be identified. you should have a list of things that need to be changed or renovated

3.Bedroom Maintenance Tips

The bedroom can be properly disinfected to avoid the growth of insects. check your air condition unit inside the bedroom if it’s working properly or if anything needs to be changed.

4.Bathroom  Maintenance Tips

Clean shower curtain liners. shower curtain liners inside the bathroom

Clean the exhaust fan. check the connections and clean the exhaust fan inside bathroom 

Unclog drains. Remove the clogs and drains properly. remove anything that is blocked inside the bathroom

Fix pipes-fix the pipes that are causing leaks

5. Kitchen Maintenance Tips

Clean your Microwave. Clean the microwave remove any stains from that , check the connection

Polish stainless steel. Clean your steel kitchen utensils, give a good polish to your utensils to remove unwanted stains

Replace any utensils that is broken

Drainage :check the drainage system properly remove all clogs 

Taps: check the water taps if anything is causing a leak

Organizers: use good organizers to keep utensils, spoons, Tins everything organized

Towels: Replace the old towels with new ones

6. Floor Maintenance Tips

Fix dents in floors. If you have dents on your floor, try to fix that

Fix scratches and remove stains in wooden floors. Try to remove all scratches and stains from your floor. this will make your floor look elegant

7.Window and Wall Maintenance Tips

Fix broken window glass. If you have broken window glass try to fill the hole or if its a big one trying to replace only that brake part from your window

Keep the walls clean. Wipe and clean your walls whenever something spills onto them, if it’s hard to clean try to paint it again on that small portion

Wash windows inside and outside. wipe and clean  window glasses from both side of your house.

Clean curtains and blinds easily. wash or vacuum clean all the curtains and blinds properly. clean the curtains and remove all dust and stains.

clean Ducts: cleaning your ducts ensures that your HVAC systems proper working and also remove unwanted dust and dirt from your home.

8. Maintain your roof

Check your roof for any cracks or any leak,  maintaining the one you have can increase the lifespan of the roof. Taking care of roof issues will also prevent the leakage and heat inside the house

9. Maintain your fire extinguisher

Check your fire extinguisher. if it doesn’t work in a time of emergency, it’s no use. check your fire extinguisher annually. Keep it clean and check for its physical damage.

10.Maintenance of your  garden and exterior

Have a good garden . Planting trees and other plants will always add beauty to your home.it will also reduce noise from your home outside and it will increase look and feel of your home. Remove and replace damaged plants or trees. Ensure the proper fertilizers and manure for the plants

11.Get the lighting right

Lights in your home play a very important role in changing the look and feel of your home.it will increase your home’s value and you must be very careful while using proper lights. Try to install dimmers on the switches mainly in your bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, etc. This is good for energy saving. For bathrooms, chose warm and bright lights. LED lights under-cabinets help to get rid of the dark corners.

Natural light is the best source of light during the daytime. You may also position the mirrors and other interior portion of your home to increase the natural source of light. Light have to be perfect, it should not be too bright or dim


Home renovation is not a  tedious task when done periodically, it can increase the overall look, feel, and value of your home. If you are doing it regularly you make big difference with a small amount of money. you can hire an interior designer or if you can do a small renovation you can maintain that.

However, for keeping your home always worthwhile few basic things need to be done. In short, we can note the bathroom, kitchen, roof, floor, and exterior. This creates a good impression on others and automatically increases the value of your home. However, cleanliness is very important for your home. This can keep your friends and relatives feeling good about you and about your personality. Are you planning to renovate your home?. The above-mentioned tips will be very useful.

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