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Computers and Technology

Python Programming Language : Explained

Python is a common- intent interpreted, interactive, object-acquainted, and high position programming language. It is aim at underscoring code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to give their generalizations in smaller ranges of code.

History of Python



Python was constructed by Guido van Rossum in 1991 at CWI in Netherland. The model of Python programming language has gripped from the ABC  or we can bring out that ABC is a precursor of python programming .

There’s also a reality behind the electing name Python. Guido van Rossum was an addict to the favorite BBC humor show of that time,” Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. So he named to gather the name Python for his recently created programming language.

Python has a vast community across the species and releases its interpretation within a little time.

 What is Python Programming Language ?

Python is a high- position, general- intention, and a veritably favorite programming language. It is being working in web development, Machine Learning usages, along with all cutting edge technology in Software Industry. It is veritably well suitable for newcomers, also for accomplished programmers with other programming languages.

Python is a common intent, dynamic, high position, and construed language. It supports Object acquainted programming path to develop operations. It’s simple to get and provides lots of high degree data structures. It supports many programming designs, including object-acquainted, involuntary, and functional or procedural programming manners. It isn’t intended to make in a particular zone, similar to web programming. That’s why it’s understood as a multipurpose programming language because it can be applied to the web, business, 3D CAD, etc.

We do not require to operate data types to maintain variables because it’s explosively categorized so we can write a = 10 to charge an integer value in an integer variable. Python makes the evolution and debugging quick because there’s no compendium step carried out in Python development, and the edit- test- debug cycle is genuinely quick.

Here are some facts on Python as Programming Language

  • Python is presently the most extensively utilize multi-purpose, high-rank programming language.
  • It allows programming in Object- familiarized and Procedural paradigms.
  • Python programs commonly are less than other programming languages like Java. Programmers have to type kind of lesser and indentation demand of the language, makes them readable all the time.
  • Python language is being utilize by nearly all tech- big firms like – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram,   Dropbox, Uber … etc.
  • The biggest strength of Python is the huge assemblage of the standard library.

Learn more about features of python programming .

 Python Basic Syntax

There’s no employment of curled braces or semicolons in Python programming language. It’s English- suchlike language. But Python uses the hollow to trace a block of code. Indentation is nothing but adjoining whitespace before the statement when it’s claimed.

 Python Syntax analogized to other programming languages

Python was permit for readability and has some resemblances to the English language with credit from mathematics.

It uses new lines to finalize a command, as opposed to different programming languages which frequently use semicolons or intervals.

Python relies on indentation, applying whitespace, to define scope; similar to the scope of loops, functions, and classes. Other programming languages frequently use curled- brackets for this intention.

Why should you learn it?

Python is simple to learn. Its syntax is easy, and the code is very clear.

Python has numerous applications. It’s uses to develop tools, data science, rapid application development, and other things.

Python, unlike most programming languages, enables you to write programs in fewer lines of code.

Python’s popularity is rising exponentially. It is now one of the most widely utilize programming languages.

Pro and cons

Pros –

  • User-friendliness.
  • An Approach with Multiple Paradigms.

Cons –

  • In comparison to C and C++, the execution speed is slow.
  • Mobile computing and browsers are absent.
  • Switching from C/C++ to Python might be challenging for C/C++ programmers since the language requires adequate code indentation.


In this blog, we discussed python programming language, its history, facts about Python Programming Language, Python Basic Syntax ,Syntax analogized to other programming languages, why should you learn Python, pros, and cons of python programming language. Hope you get to learn in detail about the python programming language here.

You can also read another blog on  java frame.

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