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Post renovation cleaning: when to ask specialized companies for help

Woman cleaning up after home repair, mansard.

Post-renovation cleaning: when to ask specialized companies for help? If you are planning or carrying out some renovations and the thought of the final dirt to be removed makes your hair stand up straight, know that this is a completely normal reaction. 

In fact, while post-renovation cleaning is necessary for a return to normal, the idea of ​​removing construction site residues, dust, dirt, and stubborn stains is not the happiest, especially if you have to do it yourself. Also because – let’s face it – it is rare that the companies that carry out building works or the like, return rooms completely cleaned up. So, how can you make the rooms hygienic and bright, without generating unnecessary complications?

Whether it’s cleaning a house, an office, a shop or any other type of public or private space, the best solution is to rely on a specialized cleaning company in Melbourne to take care of it. With the experience that our cleaning company in Melbourne has gained in the field, we can confirm that these jobs require organization, method, time, specific products and professional equipment. And we are ready to help you!

Post renovation cleaning in Melbourne: what does it consist of?

In order to restore the right level of hygiene, order and cleanliness, it is important to perform a quality post-renovation cleaning service in Melbourne with attention to every detail.

Now, before going into the details of the activities that are necessary to do a good post-renovation cleaning job in Melbourne, we list the 3 main phases that make up our cleaning intervention after a move or work in offices, shops, clubs or apartments.

Post renovation cleaning in Melbourne – 1st phase

During the first contact we ask some questions to better understand the needs and ask for photos to view the spaces that needs cleaning, or we arrange an inspection to inspect the premises and evaluate their conditions. This first step is essential for planning the post-renovation cleaning intervention in Melbourne, preparing the necessary products and equipment and thus composing the team that will take care of the activities.

Post renovation cleaning in Melbourne – 2nd phase

The work begins with the rough cleaning, i.e. with the removal of residues left by those who carried out the renovation work and the elimination of any traces of paint, cement or any other material present. Deep cleaning of surfaces, walls and floors follows with the use of specific products and special machinery such as single brush and vacuum esenyurt escort cleaner.

Post renovation cleaning in Melbourne – 3rd phase

The post-renovation cleaning operation ends with the cleaning of the rooms and the toilets, and with the final check together with the customer who will be able to view the result immediately.

Post renovation cleaning in Melbourne – What you need to know

We can illustrate our post-renovation cleaning service in Melbourne through some examples. These are shops, apartments, commercial premises, sports centers and gyms, which our cleaning company in Melbourne has followed, refurbishing them within a day.

Cleaning of shops after renovation

Here is a short list of the interior cleaning activities for shops and commercial premises that we carry out in Melbourne:

  • vacuum cleaner and deep cleaning with single brush and wet vacuum machines on surfaces and floors;
  • dusting, removing fingerprints and stains, and disinfecting worktops, furniture, tables, chairs, doors and handles;
  • internal and external cleaning of perimeter glass;
  • dusting with a special cloth and disinfecting the lamps;
  • final washing of the flooring with mop.

With respect to cleaning and sanitizing the toilets, we proceed with:

  • dust removal and floor washing;
  • complete wet cleaning and disinfection of the dispensers inside the bathrooms;
  • cleaning and disinfection of wall tiles;
  • stain removal and disinfection of doors and handles;
  • mirror cleaning;
  • disinfection and sanitization of sinks, tops and taps;
  • wet cleaning of sanitary ware with specific disinfectant, germicidal and descaling product.

Find out more about the prices of our cleaning company in Melbourne and about our cleaning services for shops and commercial premises!

Find out more about the prices of our cleaning company in Melbourne and about our cleaning services for shops and commercial premises !

How much does it cost to clean apartments in Melbourne after renovation?

What is the cost of cleaning an apartment in Melbourne after the renovation?

This is one of the questions often asked by those who have to clean the house before returning to everyday life and who would like to delegate the work to a cleaning company knowing first what the prices are and what they include.

The doubt is the same even after a whitewashing or electrical or plumbing intervention. In any case, keep in mind that when it comes to apartments to be thoroughly cleaned, it is important to take care of all the environments, from cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and coverings, to dusting and disinfecting furniture, cabinets and bookcases. The same treatment is applied to the furniture and kitchen tiles, cleaning and sanitizing with care, as well as to the toilets where mirrors and tiles are wet, cleaned and sanitary ware which are always treated with disinfectant products. Germicidal and rescaling. The job is completed by cleaning the shower cubicle with steam at 100 degrees and the polishing and sanitizing of sinks and taps.

Ask for more information about our professional property cleaning and cleaning services by filling out the contact form .

Post-renovation cleaning in Melbourne for sports centers and gyms

Sports facilities are the type of premises for which owners and managers cannot afford to save on cleaning after renovations. The level of performance required is always very high and not only in daily cleaning and sanitizing.. The undertaking requires expert operators and high-quality products. For extraordinary cleaning – for example – for a new opening after a change of management or after a reorganization of the premises. This means intervening with the cleaning of the halls and toilets, of the changing rooms and adjoining corridors, of the first reception area and of the reception.

Cleaning of the fitness room after renovation

Here are the main post-renovation cleaning activities in Melbourne. Sports centers and gyms that we carry out every time they entrust us with an assignment of this type:

  • vacuum cleaner passage in all environments and on all surfaces;
  • floor washing and disinfection with single brush and wet vacuum cleaner passage;
  • cleaning and sanitizing doors and windows;
  • thorough cleaning of the majolica present;
  • dusting, stain removal and disinfection of furniture, sofas, benches and equipment;
  • cleaning of windows and internal and perimeter mirrors with a pad and squeegee;
  • dusting and disinfection of screens and work surfaces;
  • deep cleaning and sanitizing of sinks, taps, showers and bathroom fixtures with disinfectant, descaling and germicidal products.

Placing yourself in the hands of expert professionals means optimizing work, time and expense with guaranteed results. But what are the prices of a cleaning company in Melbourne after the renovation?

How much does cleaning cost in Melbourne after renovation?

The cost of our cleaning company for the post-renovation cleaning service in Melbourne. Complete with labor, products and use of professional machinery. 

The price for cleaning in Melbourne after renovation can vary according to several factors: it can vary from $3 to $5  per square meter and which we define exactly based on the size of the surface (the larger the square meters, the lower the cost). Hourly, building clean-up costs $35.50/hr on average, with rates going as high as $41/hr depending upon the specific tasks involved. The number of workers needed and the presence or absence of furniture and equipment or site residues that need disposal. In addition, the conditions in which the rooms that need cleaning, the type of dirt that we need to dispose, and the type of floors that need treatment.

When is a cleaning service needed after renovation in Melbourne?

Whether it is restructuring because of removals, refurbishment and renovation of premises, or unforeseen situations such as fires or floods. It is important to count on a cleaning company in Melbourne capable of intervening to restore the environment. Quality and efficiency is always a guarantee. Cleaning that involves both roughing and disinfection and sanitization. Trusting expert hands, guarantees excellent hygiene results in a short time.

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