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Platinum vs. White Gold: What’s the Difference?

Are you looking for a brilliant white metal as your symbol for your commitment? Platinum or white gold dome-shaped diamond rings are the most elegant statement pieces available for men and women. While both metals are precious, what sets them out? To choose between the two, you have to know the differences, and that’s what we’ll look at. 

Before we look at the inside scoop on these two metals, let’s understand the dome-shaped ring. What does this ring look like? It has a curved outer face with a flat inner surface. It’s a common piece that you find in most jewelry stores.

Now, back to platinum and white gold. If you’re finding it hard to choose between the two, keep reading to learn how you can distinguish the two. 

Differences Between White Gold and Platinum

While platinum and white gold may appear similar from afar, you can see the dissimilarity closely looking at them. But, apart from physical appearances, they have different features that include:


Are platinum and white gold white? What gives them their sheen?

White Gold

White gold achieves its color from a combination of metals. Naturally, gold is known for its yellow color, which is a pure metal. But by mixing this with other metals, such as alloys and palladium, you get white gold. However, this is not a pure metal.

Palladium is a precious metal that gives white gold a shiny white luster. So, it doesn’t need rhodium plating and gives the metal durability.


Platinum has a natural white color and doesn’t require any mixture of other metals. It makes stunning dome-shaped diamond rings that make an elegant statement. Platinum metal maintains its color and may become a patina that most people love. But the white gold requires replating every five years as the color fades.


Comparing the price per gram for platinum with white gold might not show much price difference. But their different densities, accessibility, and demand for the metal set their prices apart.  

White Gold

White gold is not a pure metal, but it’s more affordable and costs much less than platinum. However, it requires maintenance to retain its color, which can be costly in the long run. 


Since platinum is more precious and rarer than gold metal, it costs around 40-50 percent more than white gold. While the initial cost is high, it’s less costly in maintenance than white gold, which will be expensive to maintain. 


Precious metals and diamonds can make lasting dome-shaped diamond rings ideal for engagement and wedding bands. After saying “I DO,” you’ll be wearing these pieces daily, which is why durability is vital. 


Platinum is heavier than gold and more susceptible to scratches than other metals. However, it’s bendable and easy to design as it makes lovely jewelry pieces such as wedding rings, chains, and earrings. You can polish and clean this metal regularly to maintain its beauty. 

White Gold

Though white gold is not a pure metal, the mixture of metals like palladium gives it enough strength and durability for everyday wear. 


  • Platinum and white gold can make dome-shaped diamond rings for wedding rings and engagement rings. They can get engraved or patterned accordingly. 
  • Both platinum and white gold metals have gained high popularity for engagement and wedding rings. En özel ve reel kızlar Seks Oyuncakları Kullanan Fatih Escort Meliha | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. However, platinum is a rarer, pure, and highly durable metal, so people seek it more for this and its elegance.  
  • Though designing and styling the two metals are almost similar, jewelers work better with a malleable metal like platinum. 

In Conclusion

Knowing the differences between platinum and white gold gives you an easier chance of choosing your ideal metal for your memento ring. While it’s lovely to have similar metals for engagement and wedding bands, you can do as you wish. Both can make exquisite dome shaped diamond ringswhichever white metal you choose. Maybe, you can consider key points such as budget, ideal metal pairing, and your partner’s choice.

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