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Plan the Perfect Getaway to a Nature Resort for Couples

Some best places to visit in Delhi for couples

Are you thinking of some fresh ideas to celebrate a weekend with your loved one? Or thinking of a romantic getaway with your partner! A nature resort could be your perfect escape from the urban horde. These resorts are built around a natural or countryside location that gives you a recluse to both of you from your daily jam-packed schedules. Check out some best places to visit in Delhi for couples.

Going to a nature resort is an unbeatable getaway idea for a couple. In the bustling noises of the city, you do not get the peaceful time with each other where you both can have some warm-hearted conversations. You are always packed in your tight schedules and hardly make any time for each other. Present scenario, when job profiles have become really hectic, it is often tough for the committed pairs to spend time together. A resort made in a natural setting is your recluse away from the hustle-bustle of the cities.

What do you get when you stay at a Nature Resort?

The advantages are many. But, let us focus on the ones that are required to help you two have awesome time alone.

Relaxing and Comfortable stay

Nothing could beat your stress better than a retreat in plants, trees and water bodies. They are the endowments of nature that have the healing characteristics. Not just they help you unwind, but they help in distressing your mind, body, and soul. You may have heard since your childhood that the lush, green color of the plants is soothing to your eyes and calms your mind. So, what could be better than both of you enjoying the embrace of each other while the extended branches of abundant trees cuddle you?


The resorts are equipped with outdoor activities that help in rejuvenation. These include water sports, meditation, spas, and trips to wildlife sanctuaries (if they have one around). All these activities help in building a connection with you. This would certainly help you both enjoy the presence of each other. You get a much needed break with all such amenities in a nature resort. As all the tension evacuates from your bodies, you reach a state of bliss. Therefore, such a trip proves to be a rejuvenating one for you both.

Time for self-appreciation

Does it happen with you that you forget to notice things about your partner in your daily routine? Have you completely forgotten the way you used to complement each other amidst the noises of the city? It is all because you are not left with any time for yourself. In this situation, you even forget to notice your partner. Staying at a location on a green landscape revives the vibrant energies within you. You feel a connection with yourself. Once that happens, you will revive all the loving habits that may let go with time that includes appreciating your partner.

Different food and delicacies

Do you also spend time eating the junk food outside? Valued meals made from the fresh ingredients are provided at a nature resort. Such food helps in cleansing you inside out. Also, when you are consuming food away from the pollution and heat, your digestion improves naturally. A healed gut maintains a healthier body. Such healing helps in building your energy levels for a few months to continue with your regular life. Therefore, such breaks should be continued at regular intervals of your life. Find nature resorts in Delhi for couples.

IRA Luxe Staycation

A nature’s retreat away from the commotion of the city, IRA Luxe Staycation is a farmhouse located around Asola Wildlife Sanctuary. It offers a wide variety of stays to its guests at luxurious accommodations. The resort is furnished with spacious chalets, tree-houses, and cottages. It is a fun-packed experience in nature where you get to reconnect with yourself amidst the abundantly growing trees, natural rocks, and fascinating wildlife. The resort is situated near prominent sites including historical and religious.

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