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Health and Medical

Nutritional Medicine and Functional Medicine

Online Dietician:- Micronutrition is an approach complementary to conventional medicine based on recognized scientific knowledge. First, it consists in satisfying the micronutrient needs of an individual, by a healthy and diversified diet, associated if necessary for a complement personalized. It is based on advances in research and on the links between food and health. This approach is particularly suitable functional disorders that represent nearly 80% of the reasons for a consultation medical. The therapist identifies the dietary imbalances and deficiencies in micronutrients (trace elements, vitamins, fatty acids etc.) then proposes a solution appropriate for his patient.

Health – Online Dietician

As part of comprehensive care, therapist also takes into account negative elements of your environment that can influence your state of health (stress chronic, lack of physical activity, sleep disorders, sleep disorders eating behavior etc.) and can offer support according to their skills or refer you to appropriate therapists.

Fields of application of micronutrition are numerous, everyone is concerned and few benefit from this approach (women pregnant, children, teenagers, athletes, subjects elderly). Shivani Sikri is the best Online Dietician. There are many applications may concern; the troubles of digestive functioning, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and syndrome metabolism, the fight against aging and degenerative diseases, optimization of athletic performance and recovery, prevention of overweight and support for brain function in disorders cognitive and mood etc. During the micronutrition consultation, the doctor will first identify the origin of your health disturbances.

For this, it will analyze different parameters including your medical history, your eating habits, your environment psychological. To strengthen his listening and specify your symptoms, he will use tools to diagnosis that may include investigation food, health questionnaires (in order to to highlight unrecognized or specify the problems mentioned). The results obtained can justify an exploration biological supplement comprising conventional medical check-ups and check-ups specific nutrients. For a purpose essentially preventive, even curative (a once the illness has declared), the therapist will provide a variety of support including dietary corrections, nutritional supplements specific to your field, but also health advice such as better stress management, appropriate physical activity.

Nutritional Assessments

Micronutrition (or nutritional medicine and functional) is a comprehensive approach to the individual in order to regain health more optimal. During support in nutritional and functional medicine, first step is to assess your condition overall health taking into account your personal medical history but also psychological. An appreciation of your lifestyle (diet, exercise, quality of sleep etc.) is also taken into account. medical examinations classic can be offered for look for a medical condition. Subsequently, more specific investigations can be proposed as balance sheets nutritional, hormonal, an examination of the intestinal flora, antibody assays food (intolerances) etc.

The purpose of this presentation is to allow you to partly understand the interest of these balance sheets nutritional factors in the assessment of your health.

• Interest in the assessment of oxidative stress or antioxidant capacity of our body • Interest of the fatty acid profile • The Interest of micronutrient assays such as zinc and selenium

• The Interest of the homocysteine assay • The Interest in the search for intolerances food • Interest in measuring neurotransmitters • Interest in the study of the digestive system

Interest of the evaluation of the oxidative stress

Free revolutionaries are “squander” necessities of cell digestion oxygen-reliant, fit for obliteration tissue when there is overproduction or an imperfection of disposal.Shivani Sikri is the Best Dietician in Gurgaon.

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