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Newborn Accessories Online Shopping in Pakistan

Newborn Accessories

You need to have complete sets of accessories for your newborn. So that it is appropriate for you to fulfill his needs on time. After clothing and other bathing essentials. The next step is to move on to something bigger. Like something that would be used by him after he goes into toddler age. For example, the stroller, crib and plat gym, etc. these accessories have their importance and usage.

The listed items are baby gears from the Raja sahib store


For your baby, you want this thing. At the store, you would come across various brands like Raja sahib, Tinnies, and little tikes.it is favorable for parents to place the baby inside the stroller. And to take him for a walk. Mothers can bring the babies in the stroller to their workplaces. You don’t have to carry the baby all along. It has seat belts. Which allows the baby too safely to lie in the stroller. Further, you can keep his feeding and changing essentials in the bottom compartment. They can be treated as a bag for carrying shopping or letting them sleep. Next, the strollers are kept safe even after years of usage. They don’t get damaged easily.


A crib allows babies to rest in them. Also, it acts as a bed for newborn to sleep in. It reduces their risk of accidental falling. You can keep the crib near your bed. And monitor the baby easily. Your baby would be safe from getting suffocated under your blanket. After that, it encourages him to sleep alone even after he grows up. He takes proper sleep without any hindrance. You need to keep a check on this product. Because it frequently gets out of stock.


The store has Raja sahib and tinnies brand cots. They are mostly made from wood or highly graded plastic. Some of them come with drawers and compartments. You can put it on a mattress. And place a cute set of a sheet with a baby blanket and cushion. You can even hang the hanging toys over the top of the cot. The soft tunes attract the babies. And help them to snooze off quickly. Some of them come with a crib. A changing table is also attached to some models. A small change of side can badly disturb your baby’s sleep.

So you should practice with him sleeping alone on the cot. You can decorate the cot with lights, stuff toys, and rhymes toys. It is protected by strong wooden bars. That prevents him from accidents. Even in the future. Your baby can hold the bars to practice standing and walking movements.

Car seats

They have tinnes, infantes, Evenflo, and raja sahib. They have a promotional discount of 10 to 15 percent. The newborn baby seats are perfectly designed for infants. And you can change its size through adjustments. These seats can easily recline in a straight position. For the babies to sleep in the car. The baby can be locked in the seat using seat belts. It releases the pain of carrying the baby the whole time in the car. The baby is safe from any jerks in the cars. You can select the seat in correspondence to your baby’s weight.

Baby rocker

The Mastella brand has baby rockers. This allows them to rock in the forward and backward motion. It behaves like a swing for the baby. Parents use them for making their babies asleep. It can be folded to compatible sizes.

Bouncer for babies

The bouncers allow your babies to play alone with the hanging toys. This bouncer allows them to jump up and down because of the spring.


By the updated variety of newborn baby accessories from Raja Sahib Store. As they have a new and latest newborn baby accessories like gears.

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