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Neuropathy & Treatment procedure at Apollo Clinic ?

Neuropathy & Treatment procedure at Apollo Clinic ?

Come let us absorb today what neuropathy is. Let us understand properly what this disorder is all about, the causes or factors responsible for such a disorder, the signs and symptoms, medical treatment procedures, how it harms or affects a person, and so on. Before understanding the topic deeply, it is important to know that this disorder is rarely life-threatening. Various health care spaces like Apollo clinic or alike, provide different treatments for this kind of disorder or condition. So, let’s start!

When one or more nerve is damaged or if we put this in other words like if one or more nerves stop functioning and becomes dysfunctional, it is called neuropathy. When such a condition arises inside the body of the human body, a person stops feeling the existence of certain areas in the body. It houses total numbness in those areas. A person faces several symptoms like feeling numb and a tingling sensation. This condition also weakens the muscle. Also, a person feels pain in the affected areas. This is called neuropathy. It has also got another name Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy

what this peripheral nervous system is all about? The peripheral nervous system refers to the system that includes all the nerves that branch out from the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is a complex organ in the human body that controls everything if we happen to say very simple words.

It controls aspects like our memory, thought, vision, touch, etc, and the operational activities of the organs of the human body. The spinal cord is an elongated cylindrical type of structure that runs from the brainstem, via the middle of the spine or spinal column up to the lower back. This particular structure is responsible for all the movements and functions. It also acts as a sender of signals to the brain.

These symptoms should be diagnosed and proper medication or utmost care should be taken.

Treatment at Apollo clinic

Apollo clinic are experts at diagnosing and treatment of peripheral neuropathy, Several neuropathy symptoms include a tingling sensation, numbness, cramps, muscle weakness, etc.

The nerve cells are known as neurons. Neuropathy develops in one when these neurons are damaged. It results in the occurrence of disturbances in the communication process of these nerve cells and nerve cells with the brain, the ultimate controller of every single aspect or function of the human body. This condition affects –

  • Mononeuropathy: Mononeuropathy depicts a condition wherein just a solitary nerve or nerve bunch is harmed. This condition adversely influences the piece of the body related with that nerve or nerve bunch, causing a deficiency of sensation, development, or capability in that piece of the body. Mononeuropathy can influence any piece of the body. There are a few types of a mononeuropathy, which change in reality, extraordinariness, and side effects.
  • Multifocal neuropathy: Multifocal neuropathy, likewise called multifocal motor neuropathy with conduction block (MMNCB), is an intriguing, procured.

engine neuropathy described by moderate lopsided shortcoming without tangible issues.

  • Polyneuropathy: Polyneuropathy influences a few nerves in various pieces of the body simultaneously. It can influence nerves liable for feeling (tangible neuropathy), development (engine neuropathy), or both (sensorimotor neuropathy). This condition might likewise influence the autonomic nerves answerable for controlling capabilities like absorption (digestion), the bladder, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Do you know that there are about 100 types of neuropathies?

You will be shocked to hear that these various types of neuropathies occur in different ways in the body. Some types occur very slowly and gradually but some are fierce and grow much more quickly and it gets worse day by day. Now we will look at the factors that give birth to such a condition in the human body. There are many but we will try to discuss the common ones here in the piece. Some of the factors responsible for the development of peripheral neuropathy are as discussed below-

  • Diabetes: Diabetes has become a very major issue in the body of today’s population. It is common in both the youth and the adults. The pancreas in the body produces insulin (a hormone that helps glucose penetrate the bloodstream and finally up to the cells to provide energy to the body.

When the effectiveness of the insulin produced is no longer effective, when the pancreas stops producing insulin, or when the pancreas produces a very less amount of insulin, diabetes occurs in an individual. There are different types of diabetes like diabetes type-1 and type-2, etc.

  • Trauma: Traumas like injuries due to major car accidents, falling from a building floor, fractures, etc can lead to such type of condition.

The pressures of the nerves because of redundant pressure or restricting the space  which nerves run different causes.

  • Autoimmune disorders:

These are disorders that develop inside the body of a human being when the immune system of the body attacks the healthy tissues not intentionally but by mistake. It is said by specialists that there exist more than 80 types of autoimmune disorders. But, the exact causes for this type of disorder are still not delivered to the world. It destroys or affects largely certain parts of the body like the joints, muscles, skin, tissues, etc. Some of the examples of autoimmune diseases are as follows- Dermatomyositis, Hashimoto thyroiditis, Multiple sclerosis, Myasthenia gravis, Pernicious anaemia, etc.


There are treatments for several types of neuropathies and ways to cure that Apollo clinic. like health care facility providers deliver. But some cannot be cured and hence treatments are provided only to minimize or control the growing signs and symptoms. Some are not curable.

  • Medicines: You might get prescribed several medicines especially, the anti-depressants pills, antiseizure medicines, and creams.
  • Surgeries are also carried out.
  • Healthy habits like stopping smoking, quitting drinking alcohol, daily or regular exercise, and a healthy diet.
  • Designed shoes or any other such mechanical aids are provided to keep the nerves in a proper position or alignment.

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