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Mofongo recipe Puerto Rico- Bless Your Taste Buds


Years back, people had a very simple lifestyle. They wore simple clothes and ate simple food. Their necessities were minimal. Their homes were simple. There was no concept of luxuries or facilities.

But after evolution, lifestyles changed. People started wearing branded clothes and shoes. The word requirement changed to the word necessity. People started updating their lifestyles, food, and clothes.

Similarly, the food region got updated. A variety of new dishes came to the table. The menu of hotels, restaurants, and cafes changed. You can enjoy a Mexican dish in an Asian country, or have an Arabian dish in an Asian country. You name a place and can find their dish at your place.

Food and culture are exchanged globally. You can find a variety of new dishes. Moreover, the recipes are being shared worldwide. Initially, there was no concept of hi teas. But now, restaurants and cafes offer hi-tea with many snacks and dishes. Puerto Rico is rich in its food culture and has heaven food.


The origin takes this dish back to Africa where its roots lie. This dish comes from an African dish named Fufu. Similarly, to make Fufu, they used a variety of vegetables. Initially, the recipe was first found in Puerto Rico’s recipe book in 1859. At that time, people named the dish mofongo criollo. They cleaned the plantains with lemon. The next step was to boil them.

Secondly, they were to mash them with crushed garlic cloves. After that these were given the shape of balls which were later added and cooked in broth. Primarily, the second recipe was a result of a few amendments in the first recipe. Later on, they changed its name from Fufu to mofongo. In history, plantains were used as a cure for the disease.


Further, the dish is the most liked dish by Puerto Rican. In particular, the dish is a Spanish dish. The dish is the most liked dish by Puerto Rican. Also, people make this dish using fried and unripe plantains. People consider this dish as a side dish. This can also be mashed with meat.

They stuff mofongo with chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetables. Then they deep fry the dish to make it chewier. They make ball shapes from the plantains. Afterward, they add these balls to the soap. It has a salty taste. But sometimes it can taste sweet and savory.

Serving of this dish

In addition, people serve this dish with shrimps, dish, and prawns. They make ball shapes from them. Then they add the balls into soaps or broth.

The popularity of the dish

The mofongo dish is a famous dish. Hence people cook and serve this dish in many restaurants and streets.

Recipe of mofongo


  • Plantains
  • Salt 1 teaspoon
  • Garlic cloves 3
  • Oil for frying
  • Water 1 liter
  • Pork rinds 250 grams


  1. Firstly, peel off the plantains
  2. Then cut them into small sizes
  3. Fill a bowl with salt and water
  4. Then dip plantains in water
  5. After 15 minutes, drain the water and strain them
  6. Now, heat a pan and pour oil into the pan
  7. Deep fry the plantains
  8. Dish out them in a serving dish
  9. Besides this, take some cloves and crush them in a chopper
  10. In the mortar, add salt, oil and grind
  11. Now, take some pork and add those plantains in them
  12. Again chop these ingredients
  13. With the help of hands, make small balls of the mixture
  14. Now put the dish on the stove and warm the dish before serving it

For further details of the recipe, visit www.dingolayhotsauce.com. There are many more delish recipes that you can try at home.

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