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Medcare Mso Medical Billing Advantage In Nursing Home Billing

Nursing Home Billing

There are some basic rules to follow when submitting claims. that are submitted for long-term care facilities are that they only for a single month of services and to be submitted in a date order. Medicaid Room and Board services offered through an LTC provider are recorded by the revenue codes included on the request.

It is clear that the experience of dealing with Long Term Care/Nursing Home Billing requires expert assistance and someone who knows how to manage post and pre efforts in the most efficient way.

Nursing Home Billing

Nursing Home Billing Services
Medcare Mso Medical Billing Advantage In Nursing Home Billing

Additionally, there are various requirements for enrollment and registration that must be fulfilled by a Long-Term Care provider and nursing home. A qualified team who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of working in conjunction with Snf Billing adds the appropriate value and provides extensive assistance. However, finding a company who provides individualized support can be difficult to find.

How Medcare Mso Medical Billing Adds Trust And Value: Long Term Care Facilities Billing

Our team is proficient in providing AR & Collections related support for skilled nursing hospitals, home-based facilities, and long-term care centers. The tasks include contact with payers to inquire about the status of submitted claims, follow-ups on denials and determining appeals and underpayments.

We are knowledgeable of claims forms (UB-04) and we know how to invoice clear claims. Our team has the flexibility and expertise to pursue claims for different payers. We know the rules and guidelines used by various payers regarding authorization, the timely filing process rate, case rates, per-diem rates, DRG, etc.

Our 3 Step Follow-up Journey to recover your Revenue-

Tracking Online Claims: Examining the progress of outstanding claims on insurance company websites as well as online portals for the payer. Automated Claims Follow-up by calling the insurance company directly via an interactive Voice Response system. One-to-one with representatives from Insurance Companies Contacting a the representative of the life insurance company for more details.

Pre-billed services:

  • Recording of all orders for patients and providers, insurance things, etc. that are necessary
  • Eligibility verification that includes both phone and online.

Prior authorization from the team, with patients calling and the doctor’s office following up for the relevant documentation needed to complete the process.

  • Order Confirmation
  • Delivery schedule
  • Nursing Home Billing Collections
  • Management of claims
  • Rejection management
  • Automatic payment posting (with as well as without audit, as and manual)
  • Follow-up of accounts receivables
  • Account receivables and denial management

At of Collections, Medcare MSO Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Billing Training Ensures:

  • Processing of your receivables by our highly skilled personnel
  • Expertise in working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R
  • Pay attention to any cash amount regardless of size
  • Expertise in claims adjudication for the major insurance company
  • Collections increase by 30 percent to 40 percent
  • The reduction in your operational expenses by 80percent
  • Our experience of dealing with accounts receivable that are as old as three years makes us an outstanding RCM destination. Our team of experts is ready to present a complete procedure for the way we provide customized support.

Find out more about our expertise and speak with our references throughout Skilled Nursing facilities, Long term care centers, and hospitals. We are unrivaled in terms of performance and can improve your cash flow through specialized assistance for Home Health Billing Companies

Visit Website: https://medcaremso.com/specialties/nursing-home-billing-services/

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