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McDonald’s Case Study Writing: How to Conduct PESTLE Analysis?

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food corporations worldwide. It has more than 30,000 restaurants and serves about 52 million people in the market. Despite that, the company is facing issues related to dropping sales. This makes it mandatory for the company to make some changes to its policies. There are various other factors too that affect their future success. To examine the McDonald’s case study deeply, students need to focus on McDonald’s Corporation. For that, students can take McDonald’s Case Study Writing Services from experts. The writers have thorough knowledge about the case studies so they can write it well in a proper format.  But still, if you are eager to know about McDonald’s Pestle Analysis in detail and how it helps McDonald’s to build a business again, you can go through the following points mentioned below:

McDonald’s PESTLE Analysis Case Study

  • Political Factors

We are all aware that fast food companies are constantly under threat. The government always targets fast food industries because they are concerned about the safety of people. McDonald’s is targeted because it breaks health and safety rules. In news we also see that people are not satisfied with their food quality and they also cheat their customers. The food they offer to people contains high sodium and sugar content, which leads to health issues. Apart from McDonald’s, many other fast food companies face criticism for the same reason.

  • Economic Factors

McDonald’s is one of the biggest food chains and operates in around 120 countries right now. This is the reason the global economic variations impact McDonald’s Corporation. The more currency exchanges, the more the materials’ prices change. So, they need to change their strategies now and then to keep the prices low. Therefore, McDonald’s needs to keep an eye on economic factors for future growth.

  • Social Factors

Businesses are always conscious of their social image, brand value, and popularity. To maintain that, they need to make changes to their social policies. McDonald’s also maintains a strong focus on its social image. However, McDonald’s lack access to resources for learning about local cultures in order to design the best product for them.

  • Technological Factors

Technological factors can also help McDonald’s grow their business online. Social media channels can help them convert their loyal fans into customers. Using digital marketing tools, McDonald’s can offer new modes of ordering and payment for their customers. This will later boost sales and their revenues

  • Legal Factors

As a certified fast-food operator, McDonald’s has to follow many rules and regulations. They have to protect their customers’ integrity. But there are other legal requirements too that must be followed, like operating hours, tax requirements, business registration, and other related certifications that are mandatory.

  • Environmental Factors

Every business should set its environmental goals to improve its long-term sustainability and resiliency. McDonald’s has come up with renewable and recycled packaging materials. This factor is equally important in influencing the customer and brand’s performance. It is advisable, if McDonald’s want to build their business again then they need to keep check on internal and external market forces.

In conclusion, it is noted that McDonald’s has to improvise its technical and economic factors to sustain itself for the long run in the food industry.

This article can help students learn more about the PESTLE Analysis of McDonald’s. Still, if you are looking for McDonald’s case study writing services online, then you can take help from the experts. Many professional writers are available online to help you out with your case study write-ups. You can ask for assistance from them, and McDonald’s case study writers will help you in any manner they can.

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