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Computers and Technology

MavenUp Creatives: Your Web Development Company

Business-focused web development

Because we are an SEO company, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to be completely forthright about the strategies we intend to implement.

Because of this, we can only comprehend the actualization of web design and development if there is a digital strategy behind it, with the objectives of increasing visibility and the number of leads, customers, businesses, and sales.

Web development agency for online stores and custom websites.

Develop custom-made web pages based on templates according to the needs of each project.

Analyze and study the market you are targeting to have the best information architecture and content strategy.

We have two basic pillars, search engines and people. We combine both to meet the standards that will make a difference in the future and make the online channel as profitable as possible. Usability, loading speed, attractive design and the correct web architecture will make the difference for the web project to be a success.

Also specialize in working with CMS such as Word Press and Prestashop, where we do not limit ourselves to the basic functionalities of these managers, and we can do practically anything with them.

Web development for WordPress

Because Word Press is the content management system used the most around the world, it can fulfill most of the requirements for businesses that we can think of.

This is because WordPress is the content management system with the highest global adoption rate.

Our web development company team collaborates closely with our search engine optimization specialists (SEOs) from the beginning of the WordPress project. To strengthen the platform’s foundations and ensure that it satisfies all of the necessary criteria for positioning and generating business. This ensures that the platform is a success from the very beginning.

Benefits of WordPress web development with MavenUp:

  • Think at the beginning to benefit later: We create an architecture based on the best digital strategy to generate maximum business.
  • Nice and effective: Web design, web development and SEO, all united and managed from MavenUp to have the best results. One thing without the other makes no sense.
  • Custom development and integration: WordPress has an infinite number of plugins that a high percentage adapt to the vast majority of web needs. However, if your website needs something unique and special, we develop it for your project.
  • We finish web development; we continue with online visibility: You do not have to worry; once the web development project is finished, you do not have to look for another company. We do it to propose a digital strategy and positioning of your website. At MavenUp, we continue with the natural process as we understand. It to continue growing and make the online channel a profitable and scalable channel.

MavenUp web development.

E-commerce is synonymous with MavenUp; this cm is specially designed to get the most out of a website development company for online stores. We create and optimize the online store with experience and background in this CMS. From scratch to meet the standards of web positioning for e-commerce.

Advantages of web development of online stores with MavenUp Creatives:

  • Development agency recognized and recommended by MavenUp: Leave your project in the hands of MavenUp Creatives with all that this entails. Work with the development team and the MavenUp support if necessary.
  • We think about business; we develop with the future in mind so that your online medium is profitable. Fulfilling the requirements to apply any digital strategy, whether SEM campaigns on Google or SEO strategies.
  • SEO experts, your website will meet what Google expects to position itself in its search engines.
  • Custom development and integration: all the functionalities you need will be implemented from the official MavenUp repository. If you need any specific functionality, count on our development team. To create the personalized code for any add-on your website needs.

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