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Longines fake Heart Moon Watch – Moon in the Night Sky

Fake watches: Today, let us appreciate a watch originating from the moon, the Longines PrimaLuna watch. This exquisite timepiece adopts the graceful circular lines of the moon, presenting the beautiful passage of time and the wonderful present before our eyes, chanting this radiant and beautiful moon. The pure and simple surface is set with sparkling diamonds, which makes the watch more gentle and elegant. This watch blooms with charming elegance and appeals to ladies who are in pursuit of style and chic elegance. Official model: L8.

In various civilizations, the moon is used to measure time. The moon represents women, cycles and eternity. She also makes people have countless dreams. In many different cultures, the new moon at the beginning of the year or early spring symbolizes new life, a new beginning. In order to praise this magical night star, Longines carefully created the exquisite and beautiful Longines Heart Moon series PrimaLuna watch, which beautifully interprets the charm of the moon.Longines fake

Round case in stainless steel and rose gold, set with 48 brilliant Wessington VVS diamonds (0.403 carats in total), lined with 11 blue Roman numerals and decorated with a halo-shaped silver surface, Elegant and beautiful.

This elegant women’s watch is also a piece of jewelry, with a sleek, streamlined case set with dazzling diamonds for a feminine, feminine beauty. The silver surface of the halo-like pattern is delicate and charming, as if it has some kind of magic, attracting your attention. The practical date display is located at 3 o’clock. The dazzling diamonds inlaid on the bezel are like bright stars in the night sky. And the white dial is like a bright moon. Under the bright stars, it looks so elegant, dignified and radiant. best replica watches

The blue hands exude an elegant temperament, and the blue hands in the watch are particularly attractive, because the workmanship of this blue steel is very elegant, using the most traditional craftsmanship, only heating the metal noodles to form a blue color The oxide film has a fascinating color under the illumination of light.

From the side, the watch is very thin and light. According to the data, the thickness of the case of this watch is only 7 mm. The ETA956.112 quartz movement is housed in a slim case with a battery life of 3.5 years. The gold bracelet is in line with the design of the case, and every part of the strap has a rounded arc. Which ensures the watch is safe and comfortable to wear and gives you a perfect wearing experience.

fake watches

The watch is equippe with a stainless steel. And rose gold bracelet with a folding safety clasp and is water-resistant to 30 meters. This Longines Heart Moon series L8. watch has the ultimate elegance. Grasps accordingly the pulse of fashion, with a mysterious and timeless temperament. Full of inspiration, will serve every elegant and intelligent contemporary woman. For accordingly every unique And full of glamour modern women, bringing a fascinating world.

The case accordingly material of the Longines Heart Moon series PrimaLuna watch is make of bright stainless steel. Bright rose gold or gold, or a combination of rose gold and stainless steel to form gold; then lined with stainless steel, gold, and stainless steel roses Gold bracelet or leather strap, immaculate. Accordingly the surface is white, silver or mother-of-pearl, lined with hour markers. Arabic numerals, Roman numerals or set with sparkling diamonds; while the three hands are blue, gold-plated or rose gold. Moving slowly on the surface, conveying Time passed by minute by minute. The Longines fake Heart Moon series PrimaLuna watch is available in 4 different diameters to meet the diverse needs of modern ladies.

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