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Reference and Education

London vs. Birmingham: Which City is less expensive for Students?

The UK’s prime minister has once described the UK and the countries within it as the Countries within a country. It is because even though; the UK is known as a sovereign country or a state but it has four major countries within it. These major countries are England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Among the four, it is England where most of the students from across the world go to pursue their higher education. Because of the quality of education that is provided there. London and Birmingham are consider educational hubs because of the number of educational institutes there.

London Vs Birmingham:

Both London and Birmingham are the cities in England. London is the capital whereas Birmingham is situated at a distance of 120 to 130 miles from London. Birmingham is a city that is known for its industrial revolution landmarks that goes back to the 18th century.  London is also an industrial place and has a lot of cultural heritage and landmarks in it. You will see the prominent difference in the population of both cities. London has the highest population of about 9.4 million followed by the second-highest populated city, which is Birmingham (about 1.1 million).

Two cities where most of the students come for their higher education. Let us compare the different factors that can help you in making a decision that which city will be better in terms of education plus residency.

1.     Educational institutes- London Vs Birmingham:

Even though; both of the cities are consider a good choice for educational purposes. Still, we would like to highlight a difference between the two. London is consider the best city for students in the world. It is pack with elite universities and high-level educational institutes (about 40 in number). To name a few; Imperial College, the University of London, King’s College, and London School of economics are some of the top-notch universities in London.

Birmingham is count as the fifth-best city in the world for educational purposes. The educational institutes of Birmingham also have high standards and the total number of the institutes varies from 20 to 25. University of Birmingham and Aston University are two of the best universities in the city.

2.     Quality of Education- London Vs Birmingham:

London is consider the educational superpower when it comes to the quality of education. It has an access to the world-class educational standards. Birmingham is also an excellent place as long as the educational standards are concerned.  Hence, both of the cities are a good choice for domestic as well as international students.

3.     Education Cost- London Vs Birmingham:

As London is the capital of the country, so its educational cost or tuition fees are comparatively higher. The average academic per year cost has estimated to be US$, 31, 380. On the other hand, the education cost in Birmingham is comparatively cheaper and more reasonable. The academic yearly cost has been estimated as US$ 20,000, which is far less than that of London.

4.     Living expenses for students – London Vs Birmingham:

The living expenses might vary as per the student’s living style. Still, we can give you an idea about the living expenses that might cost a student living in London and Birmingham. The approximate student’s expense might vary from 1000 to 1200 pounds on a monthly basis in London. Whereas a monthly expense in Birmingham might vary from 800 to 100 pounds in Birmingham. However, an individual’s social activities and lifestyle also play an integral role in deterring expenses. Nevertheless, London is a comparatively high-cost city than Birmingham.

5.     Academic assistance- London Vs Birmingham:

There is a variety of options from which students can take assistance with their academics in London and Birmingham. You can explore museums, libraries, and galleries for educational purposes for free in London. Students can buy Assignment Help London at the cheapest prices to get their projects done as per the London standard of education. Similar forms of academic assistance are quite evident in Birmingham as well.

6.     The criterion of scholarship- London Vs Birmingham:

A scholarship is a gift and you do not have to pay it back. Hence, it makes sense that you make all the effort to make sure you get a scholarship (Writers, 2021).

The criteria of scholarship are similar for both cities; London and Birmingham. The basis for a scholarship in most educational institutes is a good score in the student’s academics. In addition to that; extracurricular activities and being exceptionally good in oration also help in getting you a scholarship. Scholarships will help you in taking online academic assistance like Assignment Help Birmingham and fulfill your other expenses as well.

7.     Social Life- London Vs Birmingham:

Social life in London and Birmingham might come as a cultural shock for the international students. However, once you get use to living there then you will find many opportunities and places to wander around.  There are some exceptional sports venues in London including gym areas, swimming pools, cycling tracks, and so on.

Besides that, London is known for its famous art galleries, historical monuments, and museums. You can enjoy a starry nightlife there as well if you are a party person. The secular amusements in London are so increase on Sundays that it becomes a nuisance for the people who like to rest (Booth, 19 Sep 2008).  Birmingham has some amazing eateries and cafes from where students can buy a meal at cheap prices.  It is a place known for its exotic parks and trips to canals.


As per the statistics, Birmingham is a cheaper city for a student to live in but London has its own benefits and advantages. We have stated all the necessary guidelines that will help you to make a decision in which city you want to live and study. We hope that our guidelines will prove to be helpful in choosing the best option for your education and your future.

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