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Lighten Up your Brand’s Image by Designing Custom Candle Boxes Elegantly

Custom Candle Boxes

The trend of lighting candles is rising day by day. In almost every event the candles are the staple products. Candles have changed the entire outlook of the ceremonies. There is various kind of custom candle boxes that you can utilize to create some difference on the shelves.

The following are the candle types available within the market:

  • Birthday Candles
  • Floating Candles
  • Tall candles
  • Votive Candles
  • Tealight candles
  • Beeswax Candles

These all-candle types can be amazingly packaged in amazing style custom boxes.

The following are incredible ideas which you can adopt to have outstanding sales:

Style the Boxes Elegantly

The styling of the boxes is extremely important if you want your boxes to create some difference.

There are various styles available within the market. For choosing the best one you need to hire a good packaging company.

Good packaging companies offer great graphic designers and manufacturers who provide awesome boxes according to your choice.

The following are the styles that you can have for your boxes:

Sleeve box style

If you are manufacturing elegant birthday candles then place them within the sleeve box style. The custom sleeve packaging can be customized as well by choosing some incredible colors for the base and the sliding sleeve of the box.

Further, you can add a die-cut feature on the box in the shape of birthday candles and insert it into the boxes.

This die-cut feature will make you see the candles without opening the box. And you will be happy to see how your sales will increase with the help of these artistic boxes.

Two-Piece Boxes

The two-piece box is the most elegant one. You can encase the floating candles within this box style. Moreover, you can modify the box by changing the colors of the box.

Further, the inclusion of the embossing and debossing feature will look great on these boxes.

Tuck end boxes

You can encase the tall wax candles within this box style. Go for having great views by placing your tall shape candles within this box style.

The tuck end box is can be sealed in any way of your choice. So, wait no more and offer your candles within this box style.

The most noteworthy deals on the boxes are with simple packaging. The better the nature of the boxes the higher the deal will be. However, it is the bundling of the custom candle boxes packaging that draws in the purchasers towards the brand. The brands love to have appealing custom boxes that draw in the clients in an extraordinary way.

Design your Boxes Elegantly

You can design the boxes in an appealing way to get the highest deals. There are different preferences of individuals. Certain individuals like to have brilliant boxes, such as pop sort of boxes. Everything relies upon the whole decision of the onlookers and the customers.

Therefore, while designing the custom box keep in mind that it is the external feel of the box which can incredibly make the distinction.

Toning it down would be best

Certain individuals love to have contemporary plan boxes by following the words, for example, toning it down would be ideal. Since for the Custom Box Packaging you can just completely make the boxes busy with the colorful imprints which will look good too.

Besides, remember to add the text to the boxes. The brand and the range name addition will make a colossal distinction. You can basically have clear boxes too.

For this packaging essentially you can pick the white cardboard material for encasing the candles and add the bright illustration on the boxes. You can likewise follow it up with the silver foiling. Nonetheless, this perspective will look luminous on the boxes and clients will very much want to use these boxes in an extraordinary way.

Add Watermark

The addition of the words on the boxes is genuinely a positive point for the boxes. If you simply offer the clients the plain silent boxes they won’t approach your brand in a serious way and can not get associated with your brand image. Thus, to construct an association with the clients, you need to concoct a few alluring thoughts for exhibiting the typography.

Nonetheless, the blend of the words with the delicate variety range will mirror the magnificence of the typography and individuals will very much want to purchase these boxes in one go.

Assuming you are offering the bright tone candles, you can just pick the bright variety of the box and add the typography on it in the silver tone. The silver variety will feature the text of your boxes and later you will express gratitude towards this blog post for this astounding idea.

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