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Kankalon Braiding Hair: 3 Effective Solutions To Tame Flyaways

Imagine spending a long time creating a beautiful hairstyle with kankalon braiding hair, only to have it ruined by a slew of flyaway hairs! The little hairs seem to appear from nowhere. They keep coming back no matter how hard you try to eliminate them. Everyone who has dealt with flyaways and stray hairs understand how inconvenient they can be. So, how do you eliminate flyaways and tame them for smoother strands of kankalon braiding hair? This blog will provide you with some feasible solutions.

What Exactly Are Flyaway Hairs?

These little unruly hairs, caused by hair breakage and new hair growth, are resistant to heat tools, making them more difficult to tame and style. Because they are shorter and lighter, they frequently stick up rather than lying flat against the rest of your hair.

What Causes Flyaways in Hair?

Hair breakage and growth are the most common causes of flyaways, but they are not the only ones. The following factors can make you more vulnerable to flyaways:

1. Dryness: Flyaways occur when your hair is too dry to absorb moisture.

2. Heat: If you are accustomed to styling your hair with heat tools, you may have a lot of flyaways. Blow dryers, curling wands, and flat irons expose your hair to high heat, making it dry and brittle and causing hair breakage in unexpected places. Broken strands cause flyaway hairs.

3. Chemical Damage: Some styling treatments, such as color and highlights, perms, and relaxers, contain chemicals that can harm your hair. There will be more flyaways if you do not properly condition your hair.

4. Product Buildup: Using too many hair products can damage your natural hair. Build-up coating prevents your hair from absorbing moisture, resulting in dry hair and flyaways.

5. Static: When do you notice the most flyaways in your hair? In general, static hair is more noticeable in the winter. Flyaways can occur when negatively charged electrons fly off your hair, leaving your strands filled with positive charges that resist each other.

Kanekalon Braiding Hair Best Ways To Tame Flyaways

Here are some methods for taming flyaways to help you achieve a great hairstyle and a happy day.

1. Cut Your Hair

Split ends can sometimes cause those small flyaways. The best way to deal with flyaways is to trim your hair. It prevents hair breakage and promotes healthy hair growth. You do not need to cut all your long hair; trim half an inch off the bottom every four to eight weeks.

2. Oil for Smoothing

One of the primary causes of flyaways is dryness. With an extra boost of hydration, your hair will be smoother and easier to style.

3. Apply Hairspray

Hairspray is a popular method for taming flyaways. Apply hairspray to your hair and flatten the flyaways with your hands. Hairsprays are effective flyaway tamers because they provide a medium to strong hold to keep the hair in place.

4. Bobby Pins

If you have any flyaways in the same area, you can secure them with some small black bobby pins.

5. Clear Mascara Saves The Day

This is straightforward and effective. To make flyaways disappear, use clear mascara and a brush while braiding your hair. If you can’t get rid of your flyaways, try braided hairstyles to hide them. Fishtail braids and crown braids are both good choices.

3 Ways to Avoid Flyaways

You can do some simple things in your daily life to avoid flyaways.

1. Shampoo And Conditioner For Frizzy Hair

Flyaway hair is frequently caused by frizz. Choosing the right hair care products for your hair type is critical for removing flyaways. Washing and conditioning your hair with frizz-friendly shampoo and conditioner can help to provide the moisture-rich ingredients your strands require while minimizing flyaway hairs. The best hair products for flyaways include silicone-based and hydrating leave-in conditioners, hair serums, coconut oil, and other products.

2. Use A Wide-Tooth Comb To Comb Your Hair

Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb when you need to remove tangles. Begin combing your hair from the bottom and gradually work your way up to the root. This method prevents fragile hair from snapping or breaking, resulting in more flyaways. Plastic hair brushes are rough on the strands and can cause breakage. To avoid hair breakage and flyaways, use natural bristle brushes and combs. You can also use a serum on your hair to reduce tangles, soften it, and keep it smooth, glossy, and manageable.

3. Use A Microfiber Towel To Dry Your Hair

Stop rubbing your damp hair with your massive terrycloth towel. Try a gentler method to avoid flyaways. A microfiber towel will reduce friction, resulting in less frizz and damage and, as a result, fewer flyaways. Microfiber towels have excellent water-absorbing power, which reduces drying time and, consequently, blow-dry time and heat damage.


Most girls have had flyaways for a variety of reasons. This blog will discuss how to prevent and control flyways in kankalon braiding hair. Hopefully, it was useful to you. Do you have braiding hair? You can buy brazilian braiding hair from Hair Factory as they are known for selling good and high braiding hair. 

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