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Computers and Technology

Is the Cat6 Plenum and Cat6 Riser the Same?

Perhaps you are looking to buy the Cat6 ethernet cables and got confused about the riser and plenum variants. If that sounds like you, read this blog.

We will be looking at the similarities or differences between the Cat6 plenum and riser pure copper cable.

If you are wondering whether they are the same or not, the answer is no.

Pure Copper Cat6 plenum and the riser cable are different but they can be used interchangeably in certain conditions. For instance, the plenum-rated cable can be used in spaces where a riser cable is designed to be installed.

Similarly, the riser-rated Pure Copper Cat6 cable can be used in spaces where you can also use a plenum.

So the question here arises is, what are the conditions in which the Cat6 plenum and the riser cable can be interchangeably installed? We will get to that in a moment, but first, let’s take a brief look at the Cat6 cable and its riser and plenum variants.

Know the Cat6 Cable

The Cat6 cable is the most sought-after ethernet cable in the LAN networking industry. It comes with pure copper conductors and copper-clad aluminum conductors.

In this blog, we are referring to the pure copper Cat6 cable. Note that.

So the Cat6 pure copper cable features 4 twisted pair conductors that have a 23 AWG. These conductors are twisted in pairs to keep the EMI and crosstalk at a minimum.

The cable was rolled out after the enhanced category 5 cable and it features more twists per unit length in the conductor pairs, along with an integrated wire-separator.

It has a data transfer speed of up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters and a bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz. This speed can be increased up to 10 GBit/s by running the cable at up to 50 meters.

Know the Cat6 Plenum

The cat6 plenum pure copper cable has the same basic features as the Cat6 cable. Meaning that it has the same speed and bandwidth, and the same mechanism in place to protect the cable against EMI and Crosstalk.

However, the unique feature of this cable is its plenum jacket. As compared to other ethernet cables, this has a communications multipurpose plenum jacket.

It is made from LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogens) materials that are resistant to fire and do not emit toxic smoke in the rare case of catching fire.

Furthermore, the cable jacket can be installed in horizontal installations such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducts on raised floors and dropped ceilings.

Know the Cat6 Riser

The Cat6 riser pure copper cable, like the plenum, has the same category 6 basic features with its communication multipurpose riser jacket being the exception. Moreover, the riser jacket is the reason it is used in indoor vertical installations. Such as in elevator shafts, inside walls, and between floors.

The Cat6 riser cable can also be installed in outdoor spaces, but when used indoors, it must be run through enclosed spaces. Although highly resistant to heat and fire, it can emit toxic smoke should it catch fire.

Know the Similarities

The similarities between the plenum and the riser-rated Cat6 cable should clearly dictate the one you need.

For instance, similarities in the cable are mostly related to installing the cable. Both the riser and the plenum cable can be installed in outdoor and indoor riser spaces.

Note that the plenum cable is designed for indoor plenum spaces, but due to its high-end features. It can also be installed in riser spaces.

Another important similarity is the cable termination. Both types of cables terminate in 8p8c Rj45 connectors and keystone jacks as per the EIA/TIA T568A and T568Bb wiring configurations.

Know the Differences

The differences between the Cat6 Plenum and the riser cable are only a few which are as follows: The riser cable has the jacket made from FEP (fluorinated ethylene polymer) materials or high-quality PVC materials. Whereas the plenum cable is made from materials that are top-notch from all perspectives.

Another difference between the Cat6 pure copper plenum and the riser cable is their cost. Plenum cable costs more than the riser.

Final verdict: Are they the same?

We walked you through the details of the Cat6 cable, the nitty gritty of the Cat6 plenum, and the riser cables. We also explained the similarities and differences between the two variants. And the final verdict is that both cables are different and similar in multiple ways. However, the plenum cable can be used in riser spaces.

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