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Health and Medical

Is swimming healthy? We figured it out

“Swimming is healthy.” A common cry. There are many people who prefer to swim a few lengths in the pool over an hour of sweating on fitness machines. Swimming is a good with Lifeguard Training option if you want to work on your fitness but prefer to keep the risk of injury small.

We investigated the influence of swimming on your health, among other things by answering the following questions:

Why is swimming healthy?
How healthy is swimming laps?
How healthy is swimming compared to other sports?
Is swimming healthy for everyone?

Whether you’re a water lover or not, it’s good to take a dip in the pool regularly . Swimming is a form of exercise that is suitable for everyone. The chance of muscle overload when swimming is nil.

From children to seniors and from pregnant women to athletes, everyone benefits from regular swimming. Even people with a medical indication can swim laps under supervision and thus work on their body in a relaxed way.

Why is swimming healthy?

With swimming you train all your muscles

Are you looking for a workout for your whole body? You train all your muscles in the pool . That’s one of the biggest reasons swimming is healthy.

Especially the muscles in your arms, shoulders and buttocks are put to the test, but back and leg muscles are also strengthened. An additional advantage: you do not experience gravity in the water.

Do you suffer from tight muscles? For example in your neck, shoulders or back? Already after fifteen minutes in the water your muscles will relax.

Swimming reduces stress

Not only do your muscles relax while swimming, your mind can also relax in the pool . What could be nicer than floating weightlessly through the water after a busy day?

Water has a relaxing effect and by moving you make the happiness substances dopamine and endorphins. You immediately experience a better feeling. In addition, swimming improves your night’s sleep, making you less sensitive to stress during the day. Swimming laps is therefore healthy for body and mind.

How healthy is swimming laps?

Swimming improves your fitness

Swimming is a fitness sport. If you regularly swim a few laps in the pool , then in addition to all the aforementioned muscles, your respiratory muscles will also be trained. The result is a larger lung capacity and a better breathing capacity. This obviously has a positive effect on the condition.

Research shows that even swimming once a week will significantly improve your fitness. A good condition ensures better blood circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

How healthy is swimming compared to other sports?

Lose weight by swimming

If you want to lose weight, it is best to practice an endurance sport. Endurance sports, such as running, walking and cycling, burn fat.

Swimming is an endurance sport. The big advantage of swimming compared to running is that the strain on the muscles and joints is minimal. Swimming is therefore the ideal sport for overweight people.

Performing a ‘simple’ breaststroke already burns about 500 to 600 calories per hour. If you swim the front crawl, this is even more.

Conclusion: swimming works for everyone

It should be clear: there are plenty of reasons why swimming is healthy. Taking a dip in the pool on a regular basis will train your body, make you lose weight and learn to relax better.

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