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Importance of Physical Fitness for a Healthy Life

We all know health is wealth, we have been listening to this phrase since our childhood. We often see in trending news in Pakistan that people are now getting sick more often than before. Every hospital in Pakistan claims that they are working for providing better healthcare facilities to the people.  But health is something we need to maintain. We have to take care of ourselves and do some other practices in order to stay healthy.

What is physical fitness?

Fitness is like fuel for a human body, you can only function in a proper way as long as you are fit. It refers to your ability to perform every task without any difficulty, pain, or stress. Fitness is a condition that makes us feel good about ourselves and our bodies. Every person needs to be fit to perform the daily tasks of their life.

Physical fitness includes the functioning of our body organs, especially the heart, lungs, and muscles. It has an effect on our overall health and mind. Many people think that if they don’t have any disease, they are healthy and they don’t need any kind of physical activity. But being healthy and fit is not the mere absence of any disease. It is essential for People of all ages to be fit and healthy, every age demands physical fitness.

Benefits of physical fitness

There are many benefits of being physically fit and healthy. It directly impacts your ability to work and your mental health, it is all connected. Let us discuss some major benefits of fitness.

Improves immunity 

If you do regular exercise or get yourself involved in any physical activity like, walking, jogging, or swimming it will build your immunity. There is often trending news in Pakistan about new viruses and diseases. Every hospital in Pakistan suggests physical activities to improve immunity. You will be less likely to get sick or catch viruses or infections. You will feel stronger and better about yourself.

Improves muscle strength

Physical activities improve muscle and bones strength. As people age and get older, their muscles and bones get weak and they find it difficult to perform daily life tasks. In order to stay on your feet in older age, it is necessary to do some physical activities regularly. With regular exercise, your muscles and bones get strong and give you strength and a little more time to stay young and active.

Combat diseases

There are some diseases that can be prevented and cured by exercise. Regular exercise can prevent potential diseases and help build immunity. These are some diseases that exercise can prevent:

  •         Blood pressure
  •         Diabetes
  •         Cholesterol
  •         Depression
  •         Anxiety
  •         Heart diseases
  •         Arthritis

Every hospital in Pakistan will suggest daily walking and exercise for diabetes and blood pressure. Exercise makes you fit and active and keeps the potential diseases away. You can control these diseases with exercise, otherwise, they can have very dangerous effects on your health.

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Improves mental health  

Your physical fitness and health have a direct impact on your mental health. What you eat and what kind of routine you have affects your mental health. We often see in trending news in Pakistan that our youth is having mental health issues like depression and anxiety. One of the reasons for depression is not being physically active. Studying too much in school and working too much in the office can make a person exhausted. Our body and mind need healthy physical activities to stay active and productive.

Exercise helps improve your mood and it clears your head from negative thoughts. When you eat healthily and involve yourself in healthy physical activities you will think positively and feel good about yourself. This keeps you away from depression and anxiety and eventually improves your mental health.

Help lose weight

Obesity is one of the prevailing issues among people in our country and we hear it in trending news in Pakistan. People eat oily food, fast food, and fizzy drinks on a daily basis and do no exercise and work out after that. Unhealthy food and an unhealthy routine lead to obesity. Obesity can cause many other health issues like cholesterol and blood pressure. Exercise helps you lose weight and control obesity.

Just a little practice and a little change in your daily routine can help you. To eat something healthy and green instead of fast food, take stairs instead of the elevator, drink more water, and walk or jog for some minutes daily. If you follow these little things you won’t need to go to any hospital in Pakistan for your ailments, you will be fit and healthy. 

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