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Computers and Technology

Ideas to Make Your Next Virtual Team Meetings Fun And Interesting

Virtual Team Meetings

Remote working has changed the entire scenario of how things used to get operated in different organizations across the globe. But, when we see the entire picture on a closer level, especially from the employees’ point of view, it’s been observed that the employees don’t enjoy working in a remote set-up as much as they thought they’d do. If you feel your employees or teammates are facing the same issue, this blog is for you. 

Here, in this blog, we have shared a few unique ideas that will help you make your regular-boring team meetings fun and interesting. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight into the blog. 

Fun Quizzes: 

Let us start with one of the simplest yet most effective ideas that can help you change and lighten your vibes. You can host fun quizzes for your teammates. The quiz doesn’t have to be typical; keep it simple and easy. The intent isn’t to get your employees in competitor spirits; the intent is to have fun and get off work for some time. Still, if you want your team members to get into some spirits, you can host funny quizzes related to each other. You can ask questions about your employees; like their favorite color, what they like to do in their free time and things like these. Moreover, you can also host fun quizzes like ‘two truths and a lie’. It won’t only help you have a nice and fun time with your teammates but also enable you to know each other better. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt: 

Talking about the next idea to make your virtual team meetings fun and interesting is to host a virtual scavenger hunt with your team members. Virtual scavenger hunts are similar to regular scavenger hunts, where participants are required to fulfill the list of challenges or collect all the things mentioned; all within a time limit. The only thing that differs between a virtual scavenger hunt and a physical one is that the latter is organized in a real-life setting whereas the former is organized on virtual event platforms. You can divide your teammates into teams so that it helps them know each other better. If you think it would be less fun in a remote setting, don’t worry. There are several challenges that you can conduct; for example, you can ask the participants to record a tik-tok video, pose with their pet, resolve a riddle, etc. 

Online Escape Rooms:

Talking about the next idea to make the online team meetings fun, you can host online escape rooms. Ideally, the escape rooms are games where the participants have to discover clues and solve riddles. Once they solve all the queries, they have to escape the room. Again, the only difference between physical and virtual escape rooms is the medium. Apart from the medium, everything is the same. Virtual escape rooms are as fun and entertaining as their physical counterparts. All the rules are the same, and the attendees have to complete the challenges within the time constraint. Since this game is generally played in teams, it can help you boost team spirit among the team members. 


Scattergories is another popular multiplayer game that you can play with your team members. In this game, the players roll out dice with letters and fill the items starting with the letter within specific categories in the allotted time. You can select any 4 to 5 categories depending on your choice; for example, you can choose categories like name, place, cities, food, etc. Here, each unique answer gets a point, and the player with the maximum points wins the game at last. It is a very minimal game that doesn’t have fancy requirements; still, can guarantee you a good time with your teammates. 

Virtual Human Bingo: 

Now, it is a very unique game that will surely give you many reasons to laugh as well as know your teammates better. In a human bingo game, you are required to make a template stating facts about the team members. To make the game more fun, add very general and not-so-popular facts about the teammates. Now, the organizer will show the bingo sheets and will give some time to the attendees to match the names with the cards. Similarly, like a real bingo, the one who matches the names fastest and yells ‘bingo’ wins the game. We suggest you use an online conference platform for the game; it will help you execute it smoothly. 

Virtual Board and Card Games: 

Now that everything is digitizing, why should we hold back when it comes to the classic board and card games. There are several Customizable virtual event platform that will help you with the digital version of the board and card games. These games will give you a sense of nostalgia as well as boost team bonding among the team. Also, make the experience better by sharing stories from your childhood or any incidents related to these games that are close to your heart. Moreover, you can play games like Pictionary, crazy eights, etc. Divide all the participants into teams according to the games, and enjoy the experience. 

Virtual Coffee Breaks: 

One of the easiest yet most effective ideas that will ensure you have a great time with your friends and coworkers is to connect over a cup of coffee. We assure you will have a great time catching up with your friends from work. And so what if it is a virtual set-up? With some expert online event hosting platforms, you will get the same vibes as that of a real-life coffee date. You can plan some activities if yours is a large team. Otherwise going without a plan isn’t a bad idea itself, if you are managing a small team. Just go with the flow, and enjoy things as they are. 

We understand that attending regular meetings through screens isn’t always pleasing. But, we also know that if you incorporate these ideas into your regular meetings, you and your team will have a great time together. 


a technological content writer who loves to research the newest developments in the digital world. I have a keen interest in all aspects of online event technology, from online meetings to B2B Webinars. My expertise extends to webinar trends, Education Webinars, Webinar Platform, Webinar Software and other webinar technologies, enabling me to write compelling, informative content that engages and informs audiences.

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