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Banking and Finance

How to Track your Credit Card Application Status

Credit cards have become a global thing in today’s financial world. Almost every individual has one credit card in their pocket to manage their expenses and income. If you are looking for a credit card, you should better know the various information regarding the credit card. Once you apply for a credit card, you have to check for the rbl credit card application status unless the card reaches your doorstep. And to check the status, you will find multiple avenues. But before you start with the process of checking, you need to keep various information ready. Some of this information includes:

  • Credit card application number
  • The reference number of your credit card
  • Mobile number or PAN card number
  • Date of birth

Most financial institutions, including banking and non-banking, use this combination of information and allow the cardholder to check their credit card application status. Previously people needed to physically visit the bank and provide the following information to check for the application status. But with the bank’s digital transformation, one can use that technology to track the application status of the credit card.

Hence without wasting energy, time and effort, one can physically reach their bank. These methods would help you track the credit card application without any hassle.

  • Track with the help of your net banking account

Technology has made us self-sufficient. You can take the help of the banking websites to get the credit card application status. you need to reach the cut section of the website and provide the following information regarding the application number and the PAN card number, and your date of birth to get the application status.

  • Take help of a customer care representative

If you are not technology savvy, you can take the help of the customer care representative of the financial institution and get to know about the status of your credit card. You can dial the number of the customer care representative of the institution and track the status. the representative might ask for the reference number or application number for the identification process. Apart from that, you also need to provide the date of birth, mobile number to help you with the current status of your credit card application.

  • Choose the SMS alerts

If any individual registers themselves under SMS banking, they can get to know about the credit card application status through an SMS. Once you get to know how to apply for a credit card, you must also keep track of the application status of your credit card. Most banking financial institutions send SMS alerts once they dispatch the Green Card. You will get various information about the courier or the delivery agent on that SMS. Along with that, you can also get information regarding the airway bill number or tracking number.

  • Physically visit the branch

If you have easy access to the nearest branch, you can visit the financial institution’s branch. Make sure that you carry the details of your application to check the status. Once you visit the branch, you should directly approach the representative. The bank representatives would immediately follow their system and provide you with an update on your credit card status. Most of the services and solutions of any financial institution are designed in such a way that it is the best for the customer.

Tracking the application status of your credit card is one of the easiest ways of gathering any information related to the credit card. With technology offering convenience and security, one can efficiently use it to the fullest to get their work done.

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