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How to Select the Perfect Office Chair?

A good chair is more comfortable to sit on and helps you keep a good posture in the long run. So, sitting on one of these for an extended period will not cause spinal issues and muscular pain.

The thing with office chairs is that you make a long-term investment with this furniture. Once you buy them, there is no helpline to fix your issues like contacting the number of cable service providers like Cox customer service number. So, it is important to make informed decisions after considering different aspects from the start.

In this article, you can see what to look for in a perfect office chair.

Back Support

Usually, people spend 8 hours or more sitting on their office chairs. Spending all this time on an uncomfortable chair can result in back pain. 8% of all adults have some form of back pain in the United States. Therefore, it is best to see what type of support would suit you the best.

There are three common types of chairs based on the type of support you can generally choose from. These are saddle chairs, kneeling chairs, and lumbar chairs. The saddle chair does not have any back support at all. But according to claims, these chairs are good for strengthening your back. Yet, sitting on them for extended hours can be tiring. Kneeling chairs are another type of chair without a back. These chairs rock back and forth to help you release pressure. But again, there is no direct back support.

Lastly, you have the classic office chair with proper lumbar support. These ergonomic office chairs offer support to your lower back, upper back, and shoulders. Such office chairs are by far the most comfortable of the lot. Depending on your preference, you can opt for any of the three.


Adjustability is another factor you should consider before buying an office chair. A good chair should have a lever for adjusting the height. You can set the height of an adjustable chair to suit your desk height (between 16 to 21 inches from the ground).

In addition to the height from the ground, it is also better to have comfortable armrests on your chair. Usually, only the office chairs with back support have armrests, but you can also find some saddle chairs and kneeling chairs with arm support as well.

Flexible back support that adjusts with your posture can keep you from getting tired. Also, such chairs can support curves on your spine. See all the adjustable aspects of comfort before buying a chair.

Wheels or Without Wheels

Wheels or no wheels is another thing you have to choose in an office chair. Both have their set of pros and cons. For example, chairs with wheels increase your reach and help you easily turn around. In contrast, chairs without wheels can sometimes have a better balance.

The floor surface is another factor you should consider while deciding between no wheels or wheels. On carpeted surfaces, office chairs with fixed bases may be better. Whereas, on a smooth floor, going with rolling chair wheels may be a better idea. Remember these differences and also weigh your personal preference before making the choice.

Material of the Chair

Almost all office chairs have structures based on polymer (plastic in other words), metal, or both. When selecting a chair, it is better to ensure that the chair structure is sturdy for extended use. You can also consider other factors like weight and aesthetics as well before selecting the main skeleton of the chair.

The other material you have to consider is the seat and lumbar support. Common options for these parts are leather, fabric cushion, and mesh. Every material again has its advantages. For example, a padded fabric cushion may be comfier, but the mesh adjusts to your back. A fabric cushion seat made with breathable material and a mesh back may be a good combination. Leather is not a breathable material and can make you sweaty. But leather is also easier to clean and can have a more aesthetic appeal.


Cost is another factor you should consider. It is certainly not advisable to settle for low quality to save money. A low-quality chair can soon become uncomfortable and even get damaged. At the same time, buying an overly expensive one is not a wise choice either. The best approach is to buy a comfortable chair in the affordable range. But do not hold back from spending a bit more for comfort.


An office chair is a long-term investment. It should provide necessary back support, adjustment options, and your desired mobility. And it should check all these boxes without the need to spend a lot.

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