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How to Score Full Marks in Online Test?

During the pandemic, even after, offline education was forced to shift to online education. On one side, online learning is spreading a shower of education to every corner of the world.

On the other hand, many students find challenges like difficulty in new learning methods, less social interaction, online tests, active participation, etc. 

Taking the online test is rarely a favorite part of a student’s life. Students already find attempting tests difficult; introducing online tests brought major anxieties among students. It is tough to take online tests while staying at home because most students don’t understand the proper guidelines and parameters for attempting the online test.

These points will help you to Score Full Marks On Online Tests!!

Table of Content
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Choose Right Place to Attempt Online Test
  • Read The Guidelines Carefully
  • Attempt Mock Test
  • Proper Time Management
  • Skip The Questions
  • Use Elimination Techniques
  • Take Care of Time
  • Attempt Paper in Multiple Ways 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Check Internet Connection

Nothing is more painful when you are about to start your test. Suddenly you find that your internet connection has gone.

Before getting ahead to attempt an online test, check your internet and wifi connection. You can get an idea of a good connection by searching things in multiple browsers. 

Choose the Right Place to Attempt Online Test-Taking 

online tests while staying home can be very distractive. Choose the right place to attempt your online test and must ensure to turn off all the distractions around you. Close the doors and switch off the TV and media notifications before proceeding with the test.

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Read The Guidelines Carefully

Students often avoid the importance of reading test guidelines thinking it would waste their time and fall into the pit of anxiety by getting low marks in the examination. 

Go through the test guidelines multiple times before going ahead with the online examination.

Attempt Mock Tests

Mock tests act as a Dr. Fixit to achieve maximum marks in the examination. Attempt mock tests in exam friendly environment and analyze them properly.

Remember! Only attempting several mock tests will not boost your confidence and marks in the online examination. Even attempt only one mock but do proper analysis. Find out your mistakes and jot them down in your notebook. 

Proper Time management

Most students get a low scores on the online test because of a lack of proper time management. Practice multiple quizzes and solve mock tests to solve the paper within time. 

Skip the Question

Students often underestimate the power of skipping. Never take questions on your ego; skip the question if you feel it will not yield fruitful results. 

Use Elimination Techniques

Use elimination strategies to eliminate the irrelevant options in the questions. Use option eliminating, value putting, and approximation to remove the options. 

Take Care of Time

Track your timing while attempting the online tests. However, you will notice the time on display; once you know that much time has not been left, mark the deadline for each question and start solving the questions within the allotted time. 

Attempt paper in Multiple ways

As I mentioned earlier, never take the questions on your ego. Solve the question paper in multiple ways. In the first, attempt only easy questions; in the second flow, solve only those questions for which you know the solutions but will take time; in the third attempt, try to solve the difficult questions. 


As we all know, shifting to online tests is not easy for everyone. Many students found this pattern more difficult than traditional patterns. Every school, university, college, and examination vendor is adopting the online examination culture.

So students should learn the ways and techniques to attempt online tests effectively. Here we have wrapped up the tips and tricks to score full marks in an online examination. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Ques 1- Is it possible to score full marks on online tests?

Ans- By following these strategies can easily score full marks on online tests.

  1. Check internet connection.
  2. Choose the proper place to attempt the test online.
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
  4. Attempt mock tests.
  5. Proper time management.
  6. Skip the questions.
  7. Use the elimination technique.
  8. Take care of time.
  9. Attempt the Paper in multiple ways. 

Ques 2- How do toppers study for the exam?

Ans- Toppers never rote the whole syllabus as other students or aspirants do. Here we have shared the strategy the topper follows to achieve maximum marks in the examination.  

  1. Study about examination. 
  2.  Go through the syllabus.
  3. Match the syllabus with the previous year’s papers. 
  4. Note down the important chapter and topics.
  5. Make short notes(mind maps, infographics, etc.)
  6. Practice previous year’s papers.
  7. Attempt mock tests and analyze them properly.
  8. Do proper revision. 

Ques 3- Who invented the exam?

Ans- Henry Fischel was the first person who invented the exam. 

Ques 4- Which is the world’s most challenging examination?

Ans- Gaokao is regarded as the toughest examination in the world. 

Ques 4- What is the best time to study?

Ans- It all depends upon the body’s nature. If you feel study in the day time, then study at afternoon. If you prefer to study at night, then study at night. 

The author and owner of this Blog is Brijesh Sharma

Brijesh Sharma

Hi everyone, my self Brijesh Sharma I'm a teacher in Physics wallah. I have 10+ experience in SEO and Teaching Line.

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