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Due to daily use, even the most durable lock is subject to wear and tear. Dust can accumulate inside the well, and almost no one monitors the system.


There are several known ways to extract a key from a typical system. To unlock the structure and pull out the fragment of the component, use:

  • tweezers
  • hairpin
  • screwdriver
  • pliers
  • nail pulling

In some cases, a piece of wrench sticks so tightly that it is impossible to do without a hammer, drill, jigsaw, or grinder.

If possible, you should try to remove debris from the structure in a gentle way. In this case, the mechanism remains intact and may work in the future. In this case, it is imperative to avoid deforming the pins located on the inside of the lock. Often, to solve the problem, it is enough to clean the system from the accumulated dust. For this, the lock is lubricated with grease, engine oil, liquid silicone. You can use WD-40.

If none of the suggested chapters are available, you can add sunflower oil to the structure. The easiest way to perform the procedure is with a medical syringe or a special syringe. You will need to rinse the entire core with oil; it is essential not to make sudden movements.

These hand tools can easily release a broken key from the keyhole.


A puzzle helps to deal with the problem perfectly. It should be borne in mind that you will not have to work with the whole machine, but only with its cutting part. Where to start? All you have to do is slide the blade in and try to insert the tool under the broken part of the key.

Another option (quite popular) is vibration, which is optimal for releasing the disk structure. Initially, the pins are well lubricated. In addition, these mechanisms move together with the broken part of the lock in a single position. It is good if someone is at home because it is necessary to hit the system from the back with a hammer periodically. Due to the vibration, the debris should “go” out, where it is easier to pick it up with pliers.

Keep in mind that there are many other ways to remove a broken key from a keyhole without damaging it.

The choice of locking the apartment presupposes the presence of a particular locking device: mechanical lock, electronic, magnetic.

The key in the lock is broken

The most common, however, is the first choice. However, despite the simplicity of this solution, it happens to break the key in the door lock. What to do in such cases?


All these door defects can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Wear of the internal parts of the mechanism – different methods do the locking. Still, in any case, except for the magnetic version, there are some moving metal parts. The coincidence of which ensures the closing and opening of the lock. As a result, these parts wear out over time. Dust, dirt, and debris entering will accelerate wear. Key wear – this option occurs less frequently and is more often related to the quality of the metal.

Broken key

The damage happens almost the same way: the key enters the keyhole quickly, but when opened, it makes only a partial turn and then breaks by the applied force.


This problem-solving method is universal and is used when any apartment and the car locking mechanism is broken. In addition, the more complex the design, the more desirable it is to contact a specialist Locksmith Tampa, as independent attempts to open the door only aggravate the situation.

Emergency call

If the locking mechanism is standard, you need to find a locksmith by searching on google “Locksmith Tampa Near Me.” If the lock is particular, you need to call the company that installed this model. Then, the specialist enters the house through the window and opens the door from the inside.

However, in case of simple faults and a simple device in the locking mechanism, you can act on your own.

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