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How To Read Tarot Cards: A Beginner’s Guide o Meanings

Love, money, family, health… What could be better than drawing the cards to predict your future? For that, no need for a tarot deck or an oracle, a simple deck of 32 cards is enough. Discover the main trends of your future, and learn to decode the messages of playing cards!

Do not improvise fortune-tellers! However, our divinatory arts specialist, Marc Angel, has developed express coaching to teach you how to read your future with a deck of 32 cards. With friends or family, you will be able to awaken your gifts. Ready for the big adventure?

How To Read Tarot Cards

Before you jump in, first remove cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from a classic deck. Normally you have 32 cards left. As it is often indicated in books to learn how to draw tarot for beginners, carefully beat the deck ( about 7 times, preferably with the left hand ) and present it face down. With your left hand, cut the deck (or have the person cut it if you’re drawing the cards for someone).

Observe the cut: look at the bottom pile by flipping the package from left to right. Interpret the first card. Do the same with the top heap. The two interpreted cards show you the general tendency of the draw.

Note that predictions can come true the day after your draw or within three months. Remember that it is important to match the cards together, to read horizontally and vertically, to let your intuition speak, and to tell a story.

The drawing of the fetish card

  • This draw gives you the trend of the day or enlightens you if you have a decision to make.
  • Shuffle the cards, cut the deck in half: lay it out in front of your face down.
  • Ask your question, draw a card at random.
  • Interpret! If the message seems confusing to you, you can draw a second card to get more details.

The personal draw

This draw is for you or the person consulting you.

Take the card that represents you out of the game. Dark-haired men over 35, take out the King of Clubs (the Lady for a woman); blond, take out the King of Hearts (or the Lady). Under 35 and blond, take out the Valet de Coeur; brown, take out the Jack of Clubs.

Beat the cards. Cut or have it cut. Interpret the general tendency of the draw.

Layout the cards. Draw or have drawn six cards. Place them one after the other, to the right of the card that represents you, face down.

Flip all six cards from left to right.

Interpret. If you need clarification, you can remove seven cards and cover or ask the consultant to cover the seven cards already present. One last time, you can cover or have three of them covered.

The 13 doors draw

This draw reveals to you a more general trend concerning your future.

  • Beat the cards. Cut or have it cut. Interpret the general tendency of the draw. Layout the cards. Draw or have 13 cards drawn. Arrange them in an arc.
  • Pick or have a card pick at random. Flip it over, then flip the card that is four cards away. Interpret by associating it with the previous one.
  • Repeat: starting with the last card turned over, turn over the card that is four cards away. Repeat until all cards are turned over (turn clockwise).

For more details, cover seven of the thirteen cards. Turnover, Interpret, you can cover three more of them. The Tarot Reading for Beginners from the Institute of Vedic Astrology is an excellent tool to get in touch with your intuition. 

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