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How to Promote Your Brand Via Video?

Today, different communication levers allow you to promote a brand. Video is one of the preferred tools for highlighting a company’s know-how, products, and employees. To create effective video content, it is necessary to determine upstream the content of the video and its distribution channels.

Choose the right video content to promote your brand

To be able to achieve its promotional objectives, it is necessary to bet on the quality of the video. Its content is defined considering the objectives and the target. There are several elements to optimize the performance of a video.

The script and the storytelling

The video makes it possible to highlight the history and the values ​​of a company. It illustrates the universe of the brand based on its codes and its identity. This also involves writing a script, which can be done internally or in collaboration with a video production company near me.

The choice of shots, the chronology of the sequences, the integration of voice-overs or dialogues are important screenplay decisions that will impact the success of the campaign.

Quality pictures

Whether the video is made in live-action or motion design, quality must be a priority. To obtain a rendering in high definition, it is possible to call on experts. They will have the know-how and equipment necessary for production.

Several techniques and camera movements exist to energize the film: static shot, tracking shot, aerial shot, etc. You will discover a range of possibilities directly with your director.

The sound mixes

Like the image, the sound must also be qualitative. Indeed, a good sound mix makes it easier to immerse your target in the subject matter. Depending on the needs, the rhythm of the video can be accentuated by adding music and sound effects. The sound recording if there is one, must be clear, without parasitic noise.

The UNI Group wanted to carry out a communication campaign recreating the atmosphere of its new restaurant. The Malevolent Mouse Productions produced an “aftermovie” video of their last event to reflect the dynamic image of the place.

The French household appliance specialist LAGRANGE asked the Malevolent Mouse Productions to produce its brand film. The objective was to highlight the brand’s know-how and values.

The importance of distribution channels

Once the choice of video content has been made, it is still necessary to select the right distribution channels to reach its target.

Event broadcasting

When a company wishes to promote its brand, its product, its service, it can turn to event communication. This type of communication can be done both internally and externally.

Internally, the aim is to inform or motivate staff. For example, the broadcast of a promotional film as an introduction to a seminar.

Externally, the goal is usually to retain customers or attract new prospects. For example, broadcast presentation videos in its stand at a trade show.

In this case, the 16/9 horizontal rectangular format is recommended.

Web distribution: social networks, website, display

Advertising films broadcast on the Internet meet different marketing needs. Indeed, this makes it possible to target a more targeted community according to the chosen communication strategy. For example, videos addressed to customers are frequently found directly on social networks and the brand’s website.

Conversely, if you want to reach new prospects, you can do a display. It allows you to target a specific audience thanks to well-defined criteria (gender, age, profession, etc.). It’s a good way to get closer to the typical profile of the company’s customers.

Broadcasting TV, cinema, eBoard

Although it is one of the most expensive broadcast mediums, television is essential for reaching a large audience. Depending on the channel and the schedule is chosen, the impact will be significant.

Cinema, on the other hand, targets a profile according to the selected film.

In this case, the 16/9 horizontal rectangular format is recommended.

Finally, eBoards are ideal for videos that do not have a soundtrack. More and more widespread in shopping malls, train stations, metro stations, they are also a good way to communicate on a large scale.

In this case, the 9/16 vertical rectangular format is recommended.

ESPACE AUBADE and COMPTOIR DES FERS have entrusted the production of their corporate film to the Lyon-based video companies near me. The aim was to present the premises, services, products, and staff in a dynamic and modern way.


To properly promote your brand via video, you must pay attention to the content that will reflect the image of the company, as well as to the distribution strategy that will allow you to reach your target.

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