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Having a LinkedIn profile to reach your network is important. To establish an impactful LinkedIn profile, you need assistance from experts in this field. Without it, you risk wasting a lot of time on this network. The question could even arise to go there or not. Depending on your target audience, there might be no interest in going through Linkedin. Let’s imagine for a moment that you are targeting plumbers, for example. It is a population that is most of the time in the field. You may consider Facebook as a conversion channel. LinkedIn requires interaction with people from the B2B channels.

How to increase the number of your contacts on Linkedin?

On the other hand, it is not a question of having contact to have contact. It is quite possible to combine quantity and quality. You can consider profile writing services in the USA to approach your target, influencers, and digital marketing expert. The first part is quite easy to understand. The second describes the need to connect and how you can gain visibility by having interactions. The last is because you have to consider this strategy over the long term. You will always need to train yourself on Linkedin and its usability. There is nothing better than to follow the experts on the subject. It is important to be active via posts. It serves as important advice on digital marketing. Here are the steps you need to follow to reach your target audience.

Identify the groups linked to your target

The objective is to be able to enter into interaction with your target more easily. But also to identify who is the most active. Once you have identified, get in touch with your network by personalizing your message through profile writing services in the USA.

Regularly publish inspiring and engaging posts

So it is not an easy exercise. Sometimes you won’t get anything as a result, and other times, you won’t understand the success of another post. It does not matter. In the long run, you will end up being less mistaken about the recipe for a post that is likely to gain comments. From a technical point of view, it is better to write short posts. Three lines maximum to facilitate readability. It can be a question. A provocative sentence or even a touch of humor. In short, something that immediately catches the eye. You can also go for the AIDA method.

Share the trendy articles related to your activity

It is a handy tip if you do not have time to write a long post or article. So, with little effort, you are active on the network. You can also seek help from profile writing services in the USA. To appear engaging in the eyes of Linkedin, add two to three sentences in the post description of the article you are sharing.

Be active

You can also help your connections by interacting with them via post and asking for their opinion. Interaction is the key, and you must hold it tight. Vibrate the hearts of your prospects with your brand. Find out more on the topic: How personal branding can help you sell

Post videos

If there is one thing that Linkedin’s algorithm values, it is videos. If you are not afraid to film yourself, go for it. Not many professionals use it, but the video is one thing that immediately holds your audience. If you are not very fond of sharing videos, of course, you still have the photo or the image. These two levers remain powerful tools for promoting your posts.

Make connection requests

The simplest way to interact with people is by sending connection requests. It would help if you had a presentable Linkedin profile to inform your connections about you. You can take help from profile writing services in the USA. Identify profiles that might be interesting for you to have in your network and make them a connection request.

To get the best out of LinkedIn, you need to create an impactful profile. A descriptive profile can increase your chances to appear in the search results of Linkedin and can help people find you.


Online Creative Writers is a US-based creative writing company that has been providing creative writing services in USA for more than 15 years. The company offers a whole spectrum of creative writing services to both SMEs and large-scale enterprises. The services include blog writing, article writing, web content, business writing, SEO writing, resume writing, video scriptwriting, eBook writing, infographs, and editing/proofreading. The company comprising experts, experienced, and trusted online creative writers, specialize in crafting content strategies according to a business’s unique set of specifications. The leading professional creative writing agency in USA has worked for more than a decade to establish a vast network of satisfied customers.

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