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How to get a consistently clean gym floor

Gyms and other fitness spaces are more competitive with each other than ever.

We are approaching a time of year conducive to the spread of germs and disease. Your gym should not be a place contributing to this trend, on the contrary, it should be a place that your athletes consider their own.

Go to the gym and sweat it out

This is in your hands, so we are going to give you the best tips and tricks in order to obtain a space free of impurities.

Gyms and other fitness spaces are more competitive with each other than ever. Any disparity factor can make the difference when it comes to attracting new customers and continuing to retain existing customers therefore the cleanliness of your space is among the list of the most important elements of the list.

1. Introduction of internal rules

Much of the dirt can be avoided initially. By introducing a list of operating rules for your athletes to follow and by adopting certain behaviors, you can greatly facilitate the task of keeping your space as clean as possible. While external causes such as dust or hair are unavoidable, there are others that are not. Among the most common are:

  • no eating in the training room
  • the obligation for each customer to have with him a personal towel to use when using the devices
  • One tip that can help prevent the spread of debris in your gym is placing mats in front of all of your doors.


2. Equipment cleaning

In many places it has become customary for customers to clean their machines with a towel after using them. While this apparently removes all traces of sweat from the machine, it does not kill germs or prevent the spread of bacteria from machine to machine. Although customers can help you keep the machines clean , this is obviously not their responsibility. Make sure your professional cleaning team tries to sanitize each machine regularly .

 3. Choosing the right soils

Choosing the right flooring can also make the difference when it comes to cleaning up your space. A floor free of toxic components and whose surface is easily cleanable will necessarily facilitate the task of your team. Whether it’s steam cleaning, a simple cloth or a mop, you can remove sweat, grease and odors in seconds.

4. Sanitize the floor

The floor of sports spaces is one of those that gets most dirty on a daily basis, for example, by dirt from outside, by the use of magnesium in activities such as cross training, and by the drinks that athletes drop. . For this, we recommend daily cleaning of the floor.

You must start sanitizing by vacuuming the sports floor, and then washing it with a mop (preferably microfiber). Use a detergent with a neutral PH to avoid damaging the floor and, if possible, hot water , thus facilitating the removal of the most stubborn dirt.

Cleaning may be a little different depending on the surface. 

5. Establish a fixed routine

After establishing a professional cleaning habit, follow it carefully. Identify the hourly, daily and weekly needs of your space. For example, a mid-day cleaning will save evening classes from seeing all the impressions left by those who attended morning classes. Make sure the floor is vacuumed frequently and any debris or impurities are removed.

To make your space as functional and attractive as possible for existing customers and potential future customers, cleanliness should be your top priority. Keeping your space clean is essential to the health and satisfaction of your athletes and the reputation of your business.

Management should therefore regularly check that all cleaning procedures are followed and that the products are used correctly. All of these behaviors can go a long way towards increasing the number of athletes, the lifespan of your machines and equipment , and ensuring the continued satisfaction of the members present on the premises.

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