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How to Find a Commercial Space for Rent?

India has embarked on the journey of becoming a fully digitalized nation with a self-sufficient startup environment. With the new policies and reforms, most of the businesses in the country are projected to grow in a vivid manner. The government’s focus on businesses and SMEs will also give birth to a new set of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Setting up a commercial space for rent has become a new and daunted task for every business owner. With a limited budget, business owners are setting up their enterprises because business has become a talent rather than a legacy. Creating a dedicated office space is an important task towards giving a solid base to the business and its employees. Any employee’s topmost priority is to be at a place where they can be productive. However, being at an initial stage one might consider something smaller, cheaper, and flexible. This would lead you to choose between renting a coworking space or leasing an office space. Finding it difficult to decide? While you work on your business to grow at full throttle, we have narrowed down some important points that will provide you clarity about the challenges you might face if you are thinking about a coworking space or commercial space for rent for your business requirements.


If you are starting a business with a small team, you can give a thought about the coworking space but as soon as your business starts growing, you will feel like having an individual office space. Reinvesting your time, money, and resources and setting up everything doesn’t sound good but, a coworking space might not suit you if you want a permanent address for taxation and business purpose. Instead of spending money on coworking space that you cannot even call entirely yours, renting an office space that offers a permanent address seems to be more a sustainable option in the long run.


Branding plays a major role that bringing your business into the league and helping it to gain a brand identity. The look and feel of your workplace is something that makes a connection with your idea and values. If you want to customize your business according to your requirements, a coworking space won’t be a fit for you. From interiors to a music playlists, everything will be as per coworking space or all the tenants collectively, nothing specifically as per your choice. So, a personalized space becomes a prominent factor that makes you cherry-pick a rented office space rather than a coworking one.

Google Listing

You should consider the office space location which is listed on Google. Whenever someone visits up the place, they plan the commutation time beforehand. So, Google listing plays an important role as well as in authenticating the listing of the business.

Ambiance and Distractions

More than half of the high-performing employees that they need a quiet space to be productive and coworking spaces though aren’t always conducive to a quiet environment. Noise seems to be one of the prevalent challenges that the inhabitants face. The continuous calls, clacking of keyboards, the phone sounds, and all the distractions can hamper the productivity of your employees. Intentionally or not, baring the human capital to such areas where distractions are more can cause vulnerabilities and can send invitations to defaults.


Coworking space is a good option when it comes to the costing and productivity. If you are into a growing business, you should look for a coworking space that comes under your budget. Moreover, commercial property on rent is also a good option because it gives peace of mind and privacy. But, consider all the above-mentioned points before choosing your office space.

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