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Computers and Technology

How To Download YouTube Video Thumbnails? easy way

How To Download YouTube Video Thumbnails? easy way

Sometimes we need to download thumbnails on YouTube videos. If you are a youtuber, then you need to download thumbnail of your videos.

How To Download YouTube Video Thumbnails? easy way

Step 1) Open HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader
Step 2) Copy Your Desired YouTube Video
Step 3) Enter Your YouTube Video URL
Step 4) Download YouTube Thumbnail

Today we will learn in this article how to download thumbnail in YouTube videos. Actually, when we upload a video to YouTube, YouTube captures an image from our video and makes a thumbnail.

Apart from this, we also get the option to upload custom thumbnail. But sometimes the custom thumbnails created by us get deleted from our phone or computer. after which we need to download the thumbnails from our videos.

What are thumbnails?

If we understand in simple words, the poster image placed in the cover of a video is called Thumbnail. Compressed images of such a small size that represent a larger image or album are called thumbnails.

The term thumbnail is used for an image that represents an album or original image. If we talk about video thumbnail, then its meaning will be slightly different in the context of video.

A cover image placed for the purpose of representing a video is called a video thumbnail.

This means representing the entire video, rather than a single scene or part depicted in the video, and providing accurate information about the content within the video.

Similarly, when we search for a video on YouTube, a thumbnail appears in it as a cover image. In this, we can put a scene from the video itself for thumbnail.

Or you can also design a separate image as a custom thumbnail. It is very important to have an attractive thumbnail design by the video creator.

Importance of thumbnail?

It is very important to put thumbnail on YouTube videos for Search Engine Optimization. Thumbnails are such an important thing, which compels the user to click on the video and watch it.

what else can be the importance of Thumbnail ?

An Attractive Thumbnail, forces the user to watch the video.
SEO of videos is better.
Even illiterate person can understand the content of the video by looking at the thumbnail. And he can open the video without reading the title.
A good thumbnail also increases the CTR of the video.

What is the function of thumbnail?

A thumbnail is the sum total of any YouTube video or blog article. In blog articles, we use thumbnails as feature images.

By looking at a thumbnail, we get to know easily what can be the content inside a video or inside a blog article.

By putting thumbnails in the feature image of your YouTube video or blog article, the attractiveness of our video and article is read a lot, due to which most people click and we get more views.

How To Download YouTube Video Thumbnails? easy way

Let us now know, how to download Thumbnail? Earlier it was not easy to download thumbnails of YouTube videos. But now you can easily download Thumbnail of YouTube Video in your mobile, laptop or computer.

There are many tools available to download thumbnail on the internet. Today, in this article, we will tell you how to download YouTube Thumbnail through a very great and tremendous tool.

Step 1) Open HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader
First of all you have to open the official website of HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.
You can also go directly to their official website by clicking on this link. – HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.
youtube thumbnail downloader

Step 2) Copy Your Desired YouTube Video
Now you have to go to the official website or app of YouTube. – YouTube.com
And play the video whose thumbnail you want to download.
Now right click on the video, and click on Copy Video URL.
Or copy the link to the page directly from the URL bar above.
how to download youtube thumbnail

Step 3) Enter Your YouTube Video URL
Now you will reach the homepage of this website.
Here you will get an input box above, in which you have to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video here.
How to copy the URL of YouTube video, I have told in (steps – 2).
So the YouTube video of which you will copy the URL, you have to paste it here in the input box.
After that click on the “Download YouTube Thumbnail” button given below.
download youtube thumbnail

Step 4) Download YouTube Thumbnail
Once you click on the Download button, the screen will show all the available thumbnail sizes.

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