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How To Diffuse 4C Curly Hair Without Frizz

More often than not, 4c curly hair can be hard to manage into soft, bouncy curls. While TVs & magazines show us naturals with curls to die for, achieving those curls at home in real life can be a hassle.

short 4c hair
short 4c hair

What Is A Diffuser?

A diffuser is simply a 4c hair type tool that you attach to your blow dryer to distribute air into your 4c hair. Now, you are wondering, “Okay, It seems like the job of a regular blow dryer. What makes the diffuser so different?” While a blow dryer will get your 4c hair to dry, it can leave it flat and frizzy.

curl pattern 4b hair
curl pattern 4b hair

How To Diffuse Curly Hair:

1. Wash and Detangle Your Hair:

A good old wash day is the first initial step to getting well-defined curls. First of all, co-wash your hair and then gently detangle it. I didn’t say you should comb your hair but detangle it. Combing your wet 4c curls can make them snap, break & ultimately disrupt your curl patterns, thus causing frizz. Take out the knots in your 4c hair with either a detangling brush / with your fingers.

2. Wrap Your Wet 4C Hair in a T-shirt:

Next, dry out your 4c hair type with a t-shirt. You may be thinking, “Why should I wrap my 4c hair with a T-shirt & not dry it with a soft towel?” Well, the truth behind the rough cotton texture of most towels can be abrasive to your 4c natural hair when rubbed against the 4c hair texture, causing it to lose its natural moisture. This may result in dry hair that breaks easily.

3. Twirl Those Curls:

With your 4c curly hair in its semi-wet state, use your fingers to twirl them into whatever curls you desire. Doing this will help your 4c hair stay in a curly shape as it may dry. You can apply an Indique Hair leave-in conditioner as your 4c hair gets dry. Remember, don’t comb your hair as this will alter the curl pattern & you do not want that! If you still have some tangles in your 4c hair, using your leave-in conditioner while running your fingers through the knots will help you detangle them properly.

4. Let’s Use That Diffuser:

It’s now time to use that diffuser. Still, before you begin, I must advise that you use a heat protectant. Natural hair should not be exposed to too important heat as this can beget blankness, hair breakage, and overall hair damage. As the name implies, a heat protectant will serve as a hedge between your deep wave hair & the heat. You can part your 4c hair into sections (this parting doesn’t have to be perfect) and apply your heat protectant to get an indeed distribution.

4c hair type
4c hair type

5. No Touching:

Whoop! Whoop! So, you have successfully diffused your 4c hair & now have perfect bouncy curls without the frizz. What should you do next? No touching your 4c curls. Okay, maybe you can touch your curls once or twice to feel the curls but just that!

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