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How To Develop An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Identify and qualify the influencers you want to reach out to.

Firstly, you should first qualify the influencers you identify using discovery techniques before contacting them. This strategy allows you to quickly identify the ones that are the best fit for your aims and niche. Among the requirements could be:


With your influencer marketing plan, how many people do you hope to reach? Moreover, your marketing objectives may influence who you choose as an influencer. Check how many followers they have based on what they call themselves to qualify their reach (nano, micro, macro, or mega).


When it comes to influencer strategy, numbers are crucial, but you also need to make sure they are an authority in their field. Examine the reactions to their postings to see who their followers are and how trustworthy their audience is. You can use Alexa’s Site Overview to check for authority on websites and blogs. Not only will you get page activity stats here, but you’ll also find their Alexa rank.


To qualify the audience of your influencer, you must first discover someone who meets your specialty. You must ensure that the demographics of your influencer’s followers match those of your target market.


You should also look at the influencer’s messaging. Is your brand represented in their tweets and posts? Are their messaging consistent with your company’s and brand’s values?

Type of content

Along with their messaging, you should check to see if their content is consistent with your brand’s image. Are they sharing images and information that are relevant to your industry? Is the content they publish related to your marketing strategy?

The standard of the content

You must also evaluate the quality of the content that an influencer produces. When reviewing the material of your shortlisted influencer, quality and relevancy are crucial. Is the visual quality satisfactory? Are their captions well-planned? Is their message one you’d like to connect yourself with?

Be wary of phoney influencers

People who purport to be influencers can be found in the lucrative realm of influencer marketing. It is, after all, difficult to resist making money and receiving free items from such an activity. In addition, people who don’t have the patience to build a dedicated following in order to be considered influencers buy followers in order to swiftly expand their reach.

You’ll have to delve a little deeper to avoid these phoney influencers. Take a closer look at the people who are following them to find out. What are they responding to the posts with? Are they interacting with the influencer in a meaningful way? Besides, what are the responsibilities of these admirers? On these social media channels, who else are these followers supporting?

Knowing more about the influencers you’re going after for your campaigns will help you avoid wasting money on the ones who aren’t right for you. While some phoney influencers are easy to recognise, others need more effort to find. If you do your homework, you won’t have to worry about squandering your influencer marketing budget.

Influencer marketing campaign strategies come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Your campaign’s success is determined not just by the influencer you hire, but also by the type of campaign you deploy. Here are some of the most popular campaign types you can use to assist grow your eCommerce brand’s digital presence and revenues:

Content that has been sponsored

You must pay your selected influencer to feature your products on their social media channels or blog in order to use this method. Furthermore, you have the option of creating the content yourself or having your influencer do it for you.

Giveaways, competitions, and contests

This option allows you to create a contest for your brand and have an influencer promote it for you. You must not just provide contest details, but also a URL that the influencer’s followers can use to participate.

Collaborations on Products and Content

This is a method that places your chosen influencer in a decision-making position for your brand, as the name implies. For this campaign, you team up with your influencer and have them discuss with you about what may be a fantastic post to help grow your brand.

Ambassador for the Company

This is a less expensive option than paying an influencer to work with you. The majority of the time, this influencer marketing technique can be handled as a trade. As a brand ambassador, the influencer is highlighted on your website and social media pages, and they get to promote your company on their pages. They also gain access to unique offers and free stuff.


You can send a product to your chosen influencer for free in exchange for a review. Unboxing, comparison videos, and outright product reviews with videos of the influencer using your product are examples of this type of strategy.

Hashtags on Social Media

This is the simplest method, and it entails creating a custom hashtag for which you want your brand to go viral. Your brand, your influencer’s tag, and the campaign’s purpose are frequently included in the hashtags utilised for this campaign.

Takeovers on social media

Because you will be providing your influencer access to your social media accounts, even for a limited time, you must completely trust them. This enables them to post on your pages and persuade their followers to visit them.

Coupon Codes

Brands that work with a large number of influencers at the same time frequently employ this strategy. Every sale that uses an influencer’s private discount code earns them a commission. Moreover, they include this discount code in their social media posts, along with information and specifics about your products.

Affiliate marketing

In addition, this is one of the oldest strategies for enlisting the assistance of others in order to boost your sales. This is comparable to discount codes, although they aren’t always posted on social media. In conclusion, this can be applied to their blog, videos, and other comparable websites.

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