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How to Choose The Right Builder For Your Home?

 Buying a home will be a  dream come true moment for all and is often much more than an investment. Selecting the right builder for your home is actually half the work done. However, most homebuyers will have a lot of things on their checklist, budget homes, location, and amenities will be on the top of their checklist.

As a result, it is very important to research a lot about the important points, so that you select your dream home only from the right builder.

However, if you are not having enough experience in the real estate field you will fall into the amazing pictures on social media and websites and catchy talk by the builders. You often will not ask the required questions to the builder. “Can this developer meet my requirements?. “About their past projects and client reviews?”. “Are their projects have good feedback from the existing clients?”.

In order to help you in your home-buying journey, we will provide you with a simple and informative guide to help you clarify your doubts.

Experience of the builder

If a certain builder has been in the real estate market for years it shows the efficiency of the builder,  and if he had consistently performed throughout the period of his presence, we can ensure that they will be offering good quality and service. An experienced builder will have sufficient knowledge about the industry, the material and the evolving architecture. You can be assured that someone with ample experience in the real estate field will build good quality homes. Have you been looking for villas in Kottayam? We have the right villas that suit your requirements. 

Background and reputation checks

The years of experience do not only matter about the right builder. Check for builder reviews and completed projects on popular websites and real estate forums. You can ask your queries there.

Also, take into consideration the suggestions and opinions from your friends and relatives. Only when you are comfortable with all these aspects, must you finalise the builder. It is also very essential and important that you get the plan and other documents checked by a lawyer before you go ahead and sign the deal.

Success rate

The years of experience, review and the number of homes built by the builder, are equivalently very important to check. it can be villas or flats.  The number of homes built and occupied by the clients is a direct reflection of the builder’s efficiency, operation, reliability, quality and workmanship.

A builder who matches your preferences

Different real estate builders have expertise in different types of buildings. Some offer affordable villas and apartments while some are famous for their luxurious abodes. You must choose a builder that offers projects that can be set inside your budget and can help you make the most of your property deal.

Ponmankal Homes offers you matchless properties at affordable pricing. By getting in touch with us, you can learn more about our projects and conveniently schedule a site visit.

All will have different requirements and specifications like the number of bedrooms, balcony, gym, amenities and so on. Initially, you have to create a budget based on these needs and search for builders that will provide the apt homes within your budget.

Accreditations and licenses

Check and verify the license of the builder; Authentic certifications from local and reputed organisations are very important factors to consider. Their membership and involvement in local organisations also show his authenticity and involvement with the local organisations. Apart from this, it is always advisable to research litigations and legal embroilments of the builder.

Project approvals by banks

Most reputable builders will have tie-ups with banks and other financial institutions for offering home loans and other services. Projects approved by banks and other financial institutions, especially Nationalised banks like SBI, are more authentic and reliable than others.

History & Assets of the Company

It is very crucial to study the history of the company and get information about its holdings and assets. A builder with good growth tangential assets, history and substantial monetary backup will not leave you abandoned midway or cheat you.


It is not just important to provide a well-planned home but also it is very vital to provide good service. Maintenance of homes including amenities should be undertaken by the builder to provide a relaxing experience to their customers. A builder who shows reluctance in post-occupation service does not stand to qualify to be a reliable option. Sometimes residents face problems with maintaining their homes but unfortunately do not get the help needed at the correct time.

Resale value

An efficient builder will not only provide a good quality home but will undergo good substantial research before even proposing a project. Proposing a building in an area that has good facilities, a good network of roads, high appreciation value etc are factors that a good builder will look into.

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